Understanding Anxiety

Ever heard someone say, “Such and such raised my anxieties!”

Anxiety is usually assumed as a series of emotions which are commonly damaging in nature. It will frequently consist of dread, worry and/or fear.

But what is anxiety?

Anxiety 101

The state of anxiety, anxiousness, is a complex emotion, and is compiled of a number of different elements both physical and cognitive where the body will organizes itself to deal with an extraneous threat whether the threat is real or perceived.

What Causes Anxiety?

Individuals who have anxiety will commonly have a sense of fear.

A number of voluntary and nonvoluntary processes will come about in the body, and the goal of these procedures is to get the individual away from the source that's causing it to have anxiousness.

Anxiety an Emotion of Evolution

Anxiousness is a crucial emotion, and is configured to increase the survival rate of beings. In individuals it seems that anxiety comes from the hippocampus and amygdaloidal nucleus, 2 areas of the brain.