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To Invest & Return

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Investment is a common word in the business world that seems analogous to money + interest = more money. 

But the investment is more than just money. What you put into things is what you get. This is very much the foundation of what investing is about. Putting the right time, tangible or intangible resources and the energy into the things you are doing leads you to pinnacle places in life. The dream home, doing what you love every day, being able to spend time with your loved ones without restraint and traveling to see the world is the outcomes of what you've invested in.

We would call these outcomes your return on investment (ROI).

Whether you are a working professional, entrepreneur and/or student: creating a lifestyle where you are making proper investments in every aspect of who you are is vital for a successful life personally and professionally. 

Here are some aspects to consider and questions to ask yourself if you are making the right investments in your entire life:

Invest in Good Relationships

Relationships are the currency of success. Having healthy prosperous life-giving relationships are highly valuable. Failure to have relationships contrary can be extremely costly to your well being and overall life.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I putting the time in relationships that really don't serve me well?

  • Do my current relationships support whom I am becoming?

  • Do my relationships cause me more problems than solutions in my life?

Invest in Your Environment

According to Feng Shui, "Good energy flow—can be easily applied in any space, by arranging furniture appropriately, like the placement of your bed, doors, the colors you use, mirrors, and water features" (

Creating an environment that promotes creativity, harmony and peace is worthwhile. When you have to battle the outside world, it is always good to be able to look forward to coming a home, a haven you create.

Take time to make an environment that inspires you. Tips on how to create an environment that inspires.

Invest Your Time Wisely

Reality check: Money is not the most valuable resource. It is a valuable tool, medium, and resource to help get things accomplished; however, it does not compare to time. Time is your ultimate resource contrary to popular belief.

    • You never know when you are out of TIME.

   • You can get money back, but you cannot get TIME back.

   • TIME cannot be transferred from one person to another.

   • TIME is a resource that is unique and is on an individual case by case basis.

See, you cannot save time, you cannot stockpile time for later use. You either use your present time wisely or waste it! And while the future (planning for it and setting goals towards it) is essential, what is most imperative for your future's success is what you do now. 

Now is the most crucial factor in your life. You may be living as if what happened yesterday, 7 months ago or 4 years or even 30 years ago is more important than what is now, and the truth is, it is not.

Invest your time now in:

  • Right Thought

  • Positive Action

  • Letting go of all negative emotions that can leave you stagnant (judgment, cynicism, unforgiveness, doubt, and fear).

The Power of Investing Now!

Invest now: don't waste your time, your mind nor energy on things that are not guiding you to possibilities.

When you do, the returns are much less than what is possible for you!


What are you investing in?

Leave your comments in the section below!


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