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The Spirit of Suspicion

Thinking the worst of people, scenarios, circumstances and outcomes: does this sound like you or someone you know?

This is called living in the spirit of suspicion.

What is Suspicion?

It is the neighbor to self-sabotage, the best friend of doubt and is bed buddies with fear.

No matter what a person wants to do or aspire to be, they place unnecessary limited perspectives on their or other’s possibilities.

Now granted, there is such a thing called discernment and proper caution. That is a natural response to assessing a person, decision or situation. Discernment guards you from potential threats to possibilities.

Suspicion in Action

However a suspicious mindset, automatically without assessment deems a negative perspective without giving space for any other thought otherwise.

Here are some scenarios of suspicious thinking:

“That person is just being nice so I can tell them my business.”

“The Job is giving us a surprise bonus now, so when they lay us off we won’t feel too bad about it.”

“He just dating me because the summer ended. Eventually he will leave me and break my heart.”

“The only reason she gave me this dress is because she wants to have a favor over me when she needs something of mine.”

“The only reason I got the new contract because they pitied me.”

These suspicious responses to life can never see the good in anything because in the mind of suspicion there is always in most cases, an ill motive behind it.

The Root of Suspicion

In order to overcome this way of thinking, you have to get to the root cause of it.

And in most cases, the spirit of suspicion comes from previous experiences sourced in pain as well as a possible natural predisposition to be negative anyway.

The reality is life is no respect of person. Adversity, obstacles, struggles, disappointments and temporary defeat is part of the process in embracing possibilities. It is the iron that sharpens the iron. Life happens to us all where we are faced with some form or facet of pain.

Pain can come through a myriad of ways in our lives as such:

  • Abusive Home

  • Bullying at School

  • Really Bad Breakup

  • A Poor Work Experience

  • Getting Fired Unfairly

  • A Lie to Attempt to Ruin Your Reputation

  • Losing a Fortune

These are just a few situations that can leave you disenchanted by life and by people.

Are You Suspicious?

Nonetheless, you can to ask yourself these questions to see where you lie after the cause and effect of your human experience:

  • Are you bitter or better?

  • Are you faithless or faithful?

  • Are you weaker or wiser?

  • Are you ungrateful or grateful?

  • Are you discouraged or enthusiastic?

If you can answer these questions bending toward the latter meaning that from your experiences you are better, faithful, wiser and grateful despite it all, you’ve used the tough experiences in life for your forward progress.

However, if you find yourself feeling bitter, weaker, doubtful and full of complaint; you should take some time to work through these issues before you set a foothold

of suspicion in your mind, which leads to if manifesting in your life.


The spirit of suspicion holds you back.

It leads you to living a lack luster life until you let go of previous experiences that have left you stuck thinking in impossibilities than possibilities.

You don’t have to live in suspicion of what’s next or in life in general. Life is a gift to be lived and any moment in suspicion, you waste the good life afforded to you.

When you work through your hurts, pains, doubts and fears; you unleash a weight and you can embrace possibilities!


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