The Science of Awareness & Self-Mastery

Understanding Awareness

Consciousness is one’s responsiveness, or ability to recognize something.

The brain has three levels of networks, which comprise of the cognizant, sub conscious and unconscious mind.

The cognizant or conscious mind encloses information in which it travels to the short and long-term memory. The long-term memory is segments of one’s memory that retains experiences permanently, whereas the short-term memory only stores memory temporary in parts of the mind.

The subliminal or sub conscious mind contains all the information we have obtained throughout our lifespan. All that we see, hear, smell, touch, learn, or experience is retained in this vicinity of the brain. This quarter of the brain contains undisclosed messages in which it will expose when a memory starts to develop in fragments.

The unconscious (automatic) mind is where our self, individuality works instinctively. Some theorists deem the unconscious mind as the inadvertent mind. This is because some behaviors we display are unintentionally acted upon by signals we receive from the unconscious mind.

Behaviors are physical actions, such as reacting to some thought. For instance, you may think of buying a bathtub, yet until you have purchased the tub, you have not shown any behavioral reactions from your thoughts.