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The Road to Peace Through Acceptance

Sometimes we feel that if we accept things as they are, we are opening the window to complacency or defeat.

And in the fear of not falling back into our old ways of being, we resist acceptance.

Acceptance has nothing to do with rolling over and relinquishing our possibilities to an unchanged complacent life.

Acceptance is about awareness and letting go to embrace something better.


When things are not where you want them to be it is important to be aware.

Are you aware of how you feel?

Are you aware of the actions and circumstances that led to where you are today?

Are you aware of the interrelated parts that impact you (ex: the relationships you have in your life)?

Awareness allows you to be present with how you feel, understand cause and effect and also how every thing outside of you impact you. Acceptance says I am aware of the factors of my situation and instead of fighting them, let me understand them to counter them effectively.

For example, accepting the fact that you have $100 to your name does not mean you roll over to a level of complacency and a life of poverty or just enough.

True acceptance means you understand how this makes you feel, the cause and effect that led up to having only $100 in your account and the parts and relationships that impacted this outcome.

Awareness leads to understanding and understanding leads to a clear mind to think what to do next.

Letting Go

The awareness of what is going on in your life opens the window to let go of what is former: the past actions, pause cause and effect, past interactions with others, etc.

You’ve made yourself present to be aware.

Accept what was, let go and move forward to embrace what is to come knowing that their is possibilities yet and still.

Knowing this opens the door to peace.

Acceptance is a Path to Peace and Possibility

Acceptance is not a gateway drug to defeat, complacency and half doing life nor is acceptance saying that everything is okay, right at the moment or you agree with things as they are.

Acceptance is a way to allow yourself to be present right where you are in order to have the right perspectives in how to move forward.

When you let go of what was and accept what is and embrace what is to come, you can have peace knowing that possibilities are making a way to you trusting and embracing the process, the path and the journey ahead.

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