The Power of Love for Your Happiness

All human beings have a common desire to be happy and the underlying motivations of what we do is to strive for happiness.

However, there are many people who are not happy, truly.

Some of us spend a major part of our efforts to gather things we believe can be the source of our happiness such as:

  • A home

  • A car

  • That guy or girl

  • The title or position

  • The degree(s)

And so, some of us spend our time working tirelessly, which we believe, can bring us happiness.

However, it is only after gaining all of these things we may still feel unhappy, older, tired and exhausted from the effort.

And then, we get back on the wheel to like a mouse trying to search for and seek happiness.

Here is the reality check about happiness: a person who does not have peace of mind never be happy.