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The Money Fox

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Origami American One Dollar Bill as a Fox

Many of us have dreams and aspirations. We all want to accomplish them. While time is the most valuable resource we have, what we do with our other resources along with time truly determines whether or not we accomplish all that we want to embrace.

When starting on a venture, for example, you may need to put in the time as well as the money. This is not to say you have to wipe out your savings, sell your car and/or pull completely from other assets you may have.

Sometimes the fiscal might is cutting back on those "money foxes" that steer us away into putting into the worthwhile goals we may have.

Girl at Starbucks drinking coffee and on her phone
Photo by Kal Visuals

An average adult's day may a myriad of these money foxes including (but not limited to):

  • 8:00 am Starbucks Coffee: $2

  • 12:00 pm Lunch Deal $5

  • 5:00 pm Glass of wine $5

  • 7:00 pm Shirt on Sale or Dinner to go with that glass of wine $10

  • 9:00 pm A few upgrades on a game app you bought on your smartphone $3

Total: $25

And the frugal person you say you are may only do this once a week.

Now let's put these once a week habits into terms of a 3- year goal you may have:

  • $25/week

  • $100/month

  • $1200/year

  • $3600 in three years

That's a nice piece of cash to start working towards some goals that could include:

Going on a vacation.

Going to college.

Saving for a home.

Investing in your own business.

Investing in stocks and bonds.

Wouldn't you agree?

To embrace possibilities, you have to look at your resources differently and make sure you know where they are going because there are always foxes lurking to slow down your success process.

Black Woman with Blue Curly Hair Drinking out of a Starbucks Mug
Photo by Matheus Ferrero

Here are some simple ways to combat those money foxes:

  • Make your coffee at home.

  • Make your own lunch.

  • Set budgets and limits on your social outings. Instead of going out every week, try every other week or once a month.

  • Cut back on app entertainment and do a board game that doesn't require additional purchases.

  • Set time aside to read and learn more about the areas you have goals in. If you have financial goals, read a book about financial investing. Tip: Books are free at your local library, lol.

  • If you truly love fashion try low-cost alternatives in shopping at resale stores like Goodwill.

We all can improve our fiscal responsibility. A lot of times, we think that we don't have resources to make our goals a reality because we have yet to shift our perspectives on how we use what we already have. It is not easy to ask yourself, "Dig deeper," "Think Differently," "How can you use what you already have," in light of bills and responsibility.

The only limitation we have is the limitation we place in our minds.

If all you have is time and right thinking, you will uncover the rest and you will find a way. What you will find most of all, is the where the foxes are hiding uncovering resources galore.


Tell us about your money foxes?

What ways are you combating them and achieving real success in your life?

Leave your comments below.


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