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The Mistake in Mis-Expectations

There is nothing wrong with expectations.

Expectations is a construct in which we build boundaries, create reliable systems and establish trust with our fellow man.

If there is a red light, there is an expectation that oncoming traffic will eventually stop.

If you work, there is an expectation that whether it be a week from now, two weeks from now and so on, you will be compensated.

If you check out a book at the library, the library expects for you to eventually return the book at some later time.

Expectations are okay and healthy. Without expectations, there could be a lot confusion or possible chaos.

So we need expectations to establish balance, create synchrony and to set protective parameters as well.

But when expectations are not placed in proper perspective, we can have mis-expectations most importantly mis-expectations of ourselves that create undue expectations.

Understanding Mis-Expectations

Mis-expectations are the undue expectations we create in our mind by our own limiting beliefs.

These expectations whether by previous (past) experiences or by our own mental makeup (DNA), become the lens from which we live our lives as they relate to our actions, our intentions, our goals, our pursuits and how well we relate to others.

Mis-expectations create invisible pressures on life causing us to live in:

  • Worry

  • Defeat

  • Failure

  • Anxiousness

  • Unworthiness

  • Imbalance

And what can happened is we can rush through life missing the lessons, steps and takes that leads to unnecessary mis-takes or making some progress only having to take three steps back.

Moving from Mis-Expectations

If you find yourself being hard on yourself all the time.

If you find yourself having a hard being able to flow without feeling like flowing means off track.

If you find yourself feeling like you are running out of time or will fail if you take time to pause for a moment when you are guided to, you could be living under undue expectations.

You are merely in a boxing ring by yourself beating yourself up at every turn at every move you make.

Understand that how you treat yourself is how the world will show up treating you. So if you are beating yourself up, there is a chance life will show up ready to join in.

Here are some affirmations to say to yourself for yourself to move past mid-expectations:

I am right where I need to be and there is nothing wrong with where I am.

I treat myself with kindness, grace, mercy and compassion.

I take time to care for me no matter what.

I am in the natural rhythms and flow of life that is intended for me.

I trust the seasons and possibilities of my life; therefore, I see the good and all the things to be grateful for now.

What to Expect

Expect yourself to be kind to yourself.

Expect that life will work out.

Expect harmony, peace and joy.

Expect yourself to give yourself space and time to be human.

Expect life will give to you what you give to you.

When you expect the right things and let go any mis-expectation holding you back, you embrace possibilities!


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