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The Lego of Alignment

As two Legos must be pegged correctly to connect successfully so must our thoughts, feelings and actions must be pegged correctly to successfully connect to our goals.

Understanding Thought

You have to have thoughts that agree with your goals. These thoughts include thoughts of confidence in your ability, thoughts that don't believe in defeat and thoughts that visualize the manifestation of your goals.

 A defeated thought life is a defeated reality. 

Understanding Feeling

Like attracts like. Feelings of helplessness attract more feelings of helplessness into your space and circumstances. The spirit and feelings of enthusiasm go a long way.

 These positive feelings of excitement and zeal send off vibrations to ultimately attract more positive experiences in your space and in your circumstances.

Day dreamers think big and do nothing.

Understanding Action

While some times goals may require a stillness, most times it will require some form of action.

  • Action may be merely when an inspired thought comes into your mind, write it down.

  • Action may be to put into motion some way and somehow what you've been planning for, for years now.

  • Action may be to learn more, get curious and ask the questions to uncover the path towards your goals.

Aligned like a Lego

When the pegs of thought, feeling and action fit securely to one another, comes the flow of energy to set up the circumstances for success. I believe we all to have to do a T.F.A. check to ensure we're pegged for success. Know that everything that is for the betterment of society is worth embracing with thought, feeling, and action in total alignment with each other.


What do you do to keep your thoughts, feelings, and actions intact? Let us know!


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