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The Keys of Relationship

Human life is full of moments with interactions with other people also known as relationships.

And relationships aren’t just confined to people who are actually related to us—we can have a relationship with anyone we interact with.

And it is because of this ever present nature of human relationships, that we constantly strive to improve them.

In fact, when we are improving our relationships with people, we are actually improving ourselves.

Whatever the type of relationship may be, however simple or however complex, its enhancement basically boils down to the following simple keys.


 If you want the people you are in a relationship with to trust you, then you need to articulate trust as well. Trust is a building process of cause and effect. The effects, the responses to the interpersonal interactions must build the trust that can take time. Trust is the foundational

precept on which lasting relationships are built.


 For your relationship to sustain, commitment is an important factor. You have to commit to the other person in terms of your thoughts, your words, your action and you have to affirm it to them by investing the proper amount of time and effort to grow the relationship.


You shouldn’t bind the people you are in a relationship with. Just as you want your freedom, the other person wants their freedom too. Respect says, “I honor your autonomy and individuality without controlling you or the outcomes of the relationship.”


You need to respect the other person’s feelings and emotions, likes and dislikes, wants and desires and so on. Respect them for what they are, for what they stand for and do not expect them to change for you and vice versa.


Being in a relationship means supporting each other. You have to honor them in their wants, needs and in their well-being . Support is reciprocal—if you support the person you have a relationship with, they ought to support you as well.


No one is higher than the other when they have a relationship. You shouldn’t harbor this perspective in your mind. If you are connected with a person for some reason, then you need to think of them as equal to you. You should value and esteem them and equally alike, they should value and esteem you as well.

Resolving Conflicts

It is not that everything will be hunky-dory always in your relationship. There will be conflicts. You will experience a disconnect; you will have disagreement. But, when you are fostering a relationship with someone, it is essential that you resolve all these conflicts with them in a constructive manner, without demeaning each other and through fruitful discussion utilizing a healthy sense of each individual’s emotional intellect.


Whether the relationship is with a family member, a romantic partner, a co-worker or just plain old you (the relationship you are having with yourself), these keys to a

relationship will unlock doors of fruitful harmony with others. You unlock possibilities!


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