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Take Off the Handcuffs!

Some of us are feeling trapped:

Trapped by our jobs.

Trapped by our relationships.

Trapped by our past.

Trapped by our responsibilities.

We feel as if we walk through life with handcuffs on limited by what we can reach out to and do.

I am here to tell you now and today, it’s time to take the handcuffs off!

Some may say, “Well how do I take the handcuffs off?”

The answer is easy: pick up the key and unlock your mind.

You see, you’ve placed those handcuffs on you, your life and your circumstances locking in thought patterns of limitation, defeat and impossibilities.

I am here to tell you, it’s time to take off the handcuffs!

Take off to handcuffs and free your mind to:

Believe in dreams that you killed off years ago.

Have unwavering faith that solutions are on the way.

Let go of the past (past habits, past relationships, past experiences, past conversations) that no longer serve you.

Embrace the moment of now and the beauty of life around you.

Until you unlock the negative thoughts and free your mind to the thoughts that inspire you and get you excited about life, you will continue feel as if you are living life in handcuffs: limited and only reaching so far.

The choice is yours, the key is free and available to you to use. Right now, choose mind over matter.

Make the step today toward freedom, take off the handcuffs and embrace possibilities!


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