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Staying in the Pocket

Ever wonder how some people can consistently do those things that keep them on the top of their game in life?

We’ve read the stories of all those wonderful things successful people do.

Whether it is disciplined spending habits, knowing how to manage their time or getting up everyday at the same time, these people have mastered staying in the pocket.

And you know these things are possible for you but you are wondering how to embrace them without feeling like you are losing your mind!

So what does it mean to stay in the pocket and where did the concept of staying in the pocket came from?

It comes from Music, particularly Jazz Music.

“In The Jazz Theory Book, Mark Levine defines playing in the pocketsimply as grooving, where the rhythm section is locked in and working as a unit. When in the pocket, the music is rhythmically in a groove. It is the “lock” between members of a rhythm section playing well together.”

Staying in the pocket is merely aligning a unit to work in a rhythm that does not shift consistently “grooving,” without disruption.

As it pertains to our daily lives, we must align ourselves with a rhythm; a rhythm which gives us the ability to groove and move successfully through life.

Understanding Nature

You can study the art of staying in the pocket by learning the natural rhythms of nature.

If you notice without fail, the sunrises and sets everyday. Because of this consistent practice, we have life on Earth and Earth had flourished into endless possibilities because of it:

The biodiversity of life on Earth.

Humanity’s ability to progress the quality of life on Earth through innovation.

The ability to use the sun to now power electricity through solar energy.

If the sun does not stay in the pocket, who knows what life would be if the sun fell out of rhythm and decided not to rise or never set just one day or a week; let alone never to rise again!

How & What to Stay in the Pocket About

As easy as it is to stay in the pocket about good practices, it is as easy to be in the pocket of poor practices.

The good practices are things the things that are beneficial and helpful to you leading the best life possible.

The poor practices are the things that leave you negative, complaining, doubtful and discontent leading a life less than optimal to its potential.

Stay in the Pocket With These Things

  • Right thinking

  • Positive Mental Attitude Responses

  • An Attitude of Gratitude

  • Visions of your Goals and Dreams Daily

  • Good Sleep Habits

  • Exercise

  • Healthy Balanced Diet

  • Being Out in Nature

  • Developing Your Gifts and Talents

  • Maintaining Healthy Relationships

  • Improving Your Areas of Weakness

Things You Don’t Want to be in the Pocket With

  • Complaining (Negative Thinking and Talk)

  • Ungrateful-ness

  • Doubt

  • Fear

  • Visualizing Everything You Don’t Want

  • Poor Exercise

  • Poor Eating

  • Not Getting Enough Sleep

  • Being Around People that Don’t Improve Your Life

  • Codependent Relationships

  • Wasting Away Your Gifts and Talents


Just like the rhythm of a good song and the rhythm of nature, so is a rhythm to your life.

Your life deserves the best path to possibilities, embrace staying in the pocket so you stay on course success and much more.

Just like the sun, remain consistent in a rhythm of doing one thing well and in tuned without fail, and watch the infinite unfolding of the great things and life you are intended to live!


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