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Popeyes vs. Chick Fil A vs. Mind: Whose Winning?

Americans love their coveted chicken sandwich.

For most, Chick Fil A has been the crowned king of chicken sandwiches.

Chick Fil A is known for their long lines, excellent service and honoring their employees with a one day a week closed for business promise. As a result, Chick Fil A is the creme de la creme of poultry fast food brands. Not mention they look just as good as they taste.

New Sandwich on the Scene

However, recently a recent sandwich has come on the scene, Popeyes version of their Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

And it has made a large roar.

A social media frenzy, lines down the street before opening, public brawls for the handheld delicatessen and a world wind of record sales,

Popeyes has begun the war of whose truly the king of chicken sandwiches.

So what does this have to do with mindset?

A lot.

I implore that if we had the same frenzy and curiosity for our own dreams, aspirations, and the thoughts that support them, how many possibilities we could really embrace.

If we started our day in a frenzy to find all the things we were grateful for, how much energy of gratitude would be in the air at the start of each day?

If we shared the most inspirational thing that happened to us that moved us from doubt to faith on social media, how much fear could be irradiated out of the hearts of minds of our friends and followers and hope be injected instead?

If we liked and shared each other’s dreams like we’ve shared the Popeyes chicken sandwich, how much support and growth we could experience one to another like the growth and success Popeyes is experiencing with our free word of mouth marketing (now up to $23 million dollars in free marketing ... whoa)?

What if?

I believe what could happen as a synergy of possibilities:

  • People are inspired

  • Failures become learned experiences

  • Doubt turns into faith

  • Procrastination turns into persistence

  • Impossible becomes possible

  • Real Solutions can actually manifest to solve real world problems

Don’t spend the rest of your life chasing nor drifting the wind of the latest and greatest chicken sandwich craze.

Gobble your dreams and put wings on them to embrace possibilities.

There is more than a tasty sandwich that is awaiting you.


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