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How to Turn a Frown into a Smile #PMAR

Updated: May 10, 2019

White Woman with Smiley Face on Paper in Covering her Mouth
Photo by Sydney Sims

We hear it all day: be positive, be thankful, be grateful, look on the brighter side of things.

There is one thing to start with a positive mental attitude but there is a whole nother giant to maintaining a positive mental attitude.

For every thought that comes in your head: respond to it. Do not let negative, self-defeating thoughts linger in your head. Instead, respond to it.

This is what we call, P-MAR: Positive Mental Attitude Response.

For example, when the thought, "I don't feel like going to work and I don't know how I am going to make it through the day," comes in your head.

Respond to it mentally with an optimistic and realistic counter: "I can't do things always based on how I feel. I am not going to worry on how I get through the entire day; yet, take it one step at a time. In plus, there are people who are looking for work. Therefore be grateful: you have something to do that is positive and productive."

By letting negative, ruddy and inoperative thoughts linger without addressing them, leaves room to negative subconscious thinking that ultimately affects your behavior and environment.

Meet every ill thought at the door with a positive mental attitude response so you can embrace possibilities.


How do you turn a frown into a smile?


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