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My Cup Runneth Over

Person holding cup with tea is pouring into it spilling over
Photo by: Tyler Nix

As we know, Oprah is a self-help powerhouse using her media enterprise as a forum to help and inspire others. In her masterclass titled, "Life Class," Oprah sits down with experts to discuss critical principles and insights to help people live with intention and real purpose.

In one particular Life Class her guest, Iyanla Vanzant (spiritual teacher, bestselling author, and host of the hit series, "Iyanla Fix My Life), banishes the stigma of having to wear the banner of being, "the strong one." This ideology comes from the notion that you can handle and meet all the demands outside of you all the while on the inside and outside remain intact.

Black & White Coffee mug with the words, be strong on it
Photo by Heather Ford

While many (especially women) tend to believe that being strong all the time is healthy, it carries the expectation that to win; you must remain undefeated.

It's like being Serena Williams, Lebron James, Tom Brady, Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant without ever losing a game.

It’s as if to be great; you can't:

  • Lose

  • Take a step back

  • Say no

  • (Most of all) be still, reflect, recover and recharge

This unhealthy and inauthentic cycle can lead to not only breakdown within ourselves, but also in our relationships and in our most genuine intentions.

To shift our thinking from strong to well, Iyanla coined the shift from being strong to being self-full.

"In your life, you've got to be as good to you; as you want to be to God, in order to be of service to others in the world. You take care of you first. [It is not selfish to put you first], it's self-full." (Vanzant)

Here are three takeaways from Iyanla's principle of "Self-Full"

  1. There's more to greatness than strength alone.

  2. You must put into practice establishing and maintaining boundaries for yourself.

  3. When you are not fair to yourself, you can't be fair to others.

Person holding cup with a liquid pouring into it spilling over
Photo by Tyler Nix

It's reasonable to say in a world full of expectations, it's easy to forget ourselves. We begin to run on fumes grasping for air all in the name of holding onto the champion weight title of, "strong one."

Let us implore Iyanla's call not to be strong; yet take up the cup of self-fullness where we nurture our cups to full.

So full, that our cups overflow remembering Ms. Vanzant's wisdom,

"What's in the cup is for me [you] and what flows out of the cup is for everyone else."

May your cup runneth over.

Watch the full excerpt of Oprah's Life Class with Iyanla Vanzant HERE.


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