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Mastering Self-Trust

Faceless woman with her hands laid on her chest
Photo by Guilia Bertelli

"Self-trust is the first secret of success." -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Have you ever considered what could be the biggest mistake of your life?

Was it not listening to the wisdom of your parent(s) as a kid?

Was it hanging around the wrong crowd that led to a series of poor choices?

Was it picking a career for money & practicality versus what you are passionate about?

Was it not putting your full effort in doing well in school?

Was it choosing an intimate partner who didn't suit you?

Was it not taking that once in a lifetime chance or opportunity?

Was it buying the big house or new car you couldn't afford?

Was it saying yes, when you should've said no?

Was it saying no, when you should've said yes?

Was it going left, when you should've gone right?

Was it going right, when you should've gone left?

Was it giving up and not going all the way?

Or was it something else entirely different not listed?

Woman holding out a crystal ball with right hand
Photo by Garidy Sanders

No matter what you consider to be a huge mistake or rather a mistake at all; the worst mistake you could ever make is not trusting yourself.

Self-trust is an open invitation from yourself to yourself to get to know you. It is the most intimate relationship you can have; yet most times, we tend to seek intimacy outside ourselves without ever taking time to develop a friendship with our own personhood.

And most times, without knowing who you are, you tend to operate in the world and with others lost, confused, unsure and uncertain about your life: present and future.

Self-trust has nothing to do with an inflated view of yourself or lack thereof. How you view yourself in context to who you are in the world and others is about the measure of your self-esteem. Self-trust has to do with your ability to be guided by your internal compass. And from this place, how you make choices successfully about your life.

Like the internal compass, self-trust has been called the nudge or hunch.

And most times, there is a level of uncertainty partnered with peace in knowing this is the best choice or path to make without fully understanding how.

As you build your stamina to trust yourself, you develop your ability to navigate the waters of life for your betterment and the betterment of those in it.

Self-trust is a real path to freedom, discovery, peace, and joy.

You gain freedom from self-trust because you know that external relationships cannot be a space of control; yet, a space for collective autonomy that is connected by choice and harmony not out of expectation or neediness.

You unleash a life full of adventure as you take leaps and bounds that fear and not trusting yourself would not afford you to experience.

You have peace in knowing that your decisions were guided by you and you are not a victim of others nor your circumstances: you understand you are responsible for your life.

Chalk on pavement with words you got this
Photo by Sydney Rae

You live life joyfully in the possibilities being open to what the future holds.

If you've never taken a chance on yourself, today is the day to put all bets on you. Be still, be silent and listen. Listen to yourself guide yourself.

Take that first nudge and embrace possibilities!


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