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Making Success a Journey More Traveled

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Success is a journey with many destination stops along the way called goals.

Because success is a journey not a sprint, it takes a time, steadfastness and continual persistence.

Due to this reason, many people tend to divert from achieving their goals. As research suggests, only 20% of those who set New Year goals alone actually accomplish them.

Clearly, there are is no short cut method to achieve success.

However, if you are intentional enough or take consistent action, you can reach your goals and create a journey full of possibilities.

Listed below are few ideals, perspectives and tips that you can follow to help you embrace a journey of success with goals you actually reach:

Your Time

Do not expect nor place the undue pressure that things have to happen now or else. These ultimatums only cause distress and discouragement.

Be okay with the process and do things in one day at a time mindset knowing thst some successes could take years to achieve.

Know Thyself, Know Thy Goal

You must be able to read yourself and your mind clearly.

This means you must have the ability to point out your goals specifically.

Often people set goals that are not specific.

For example, if a person says that he wants to be rich, then that is not a goal because it has no specifications.

Richness can be in terms of wealth, education, and many such things.

Therefore, be specific in your goal.

Encourage Yourself

Sometimes, you may not get any motivation from others; therefore, you must know the strategy to motivate your own self in times of depression and frustration.

And the easiest some times that can be of discouragement are those, closest to you.

You can do this by reminding yourself at least twice daily of the goals you set. You can remind yourself once in the morning when you get up from sleep and once at night before going to bed.

Affirm the things you did that help support your progress. Celebrate your wins and build yourself up to learn and grow from losses.

Spend at least fifteen minutes every day visualizing your goals. This again, will help in motivation. However, make sure that no one disturbs you during this time so find a safe and quiet place where you can close your eyes and materialize.



Plans are Your Friends

Proper planning is essential to achieve a goal. You must plan once by yourself, and it is good to go over your plan with someone such as an accountability partner or mentor.

This type of one on one feedback will help you to identify your blindspots you have in your plan. You can note down your plans in a tabular way, as only then everything will appear to be in order.

Measure and Assess

Ensure that you have the ability to measure the progress you make in your every day goals.

This is very important, because if you cannot assess your progress, then you cannot update your goals and could possibly lose track or drift mid way.

Choose Dedication

Finally, be dedicated and committed to your goals. Dedication plays a major role towards the achievement of a goal.

Hence, following this strategies and the one’s previously mentioned; you can attain a journey that success and achievement find their way to.

When you do, you embrace possibilities!


What does success mean to you?

Sit down and write it out!

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