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Maintaining Your Self-Worth Daily

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Life is a constant change.

Meaning it is always evolving, always moving and always shifting.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy sense of yourself, the changes of life can attempt to trigger an upward spiral as much as it can trigger a downward one.

Therefore, building your value in you, your self-esteem and worth is a daily practice. It is not one that you do once a month or at the beginning of a new year.

Developing you to a sense of happy, healthy and whole is a lifestyle.

Therefore there are 3 things to keep in mind in maintaining your self-worth:

  • Upholding to Self-Respect

  • Value Personal Accountability

  • Past Forward Not Backward

Upholding to Self-Respect

Self-respect is essentially having regard for yourself.

It is caring about yourself adequately enough to arrive at healthy and good choices for you.

Many individuals are taught that self-respect, self love and the boundaries created from them is selfish; however this is a far cry from the truth.

In order to hold self-esteem, you are required to love yourself.

Similarly, treating yourself with respect affirms you are loving towards yourself and how you treat you gives other people the guide in how to interact with you.

Value Personal Accountability

We are the author of our lives.

For example if again; we wish respect, we need to impart to other people that we value respect by how we are responsible for the self-respect we impart.

We need to take responsibility to our own level of self-respect.

Faulting other people for where we fail to have boundaries, see ourselves as worthy or accepting behavior that we know is not okay will not guide us to be to accountable to our life.

Holding ourselves accountable to the boundaries we set, affirming our value to ourselves and speaking up to behavior that is not okay says we are accountable for our lives and our worth.

It is a slippery slope to place your worth and value in the opinions, actions or non-action of others. Because like life, people change.

Past Forward Not Backward

We cannot change the times where we lacked a poor view of ourselves, diminished our self-respect nor tore down our self worth and value than building it up.

This is the especially the case in our relationships with others.

Pointing the finger toward oursleves or others for the ill treatments of the past will not get us the self-respect we wish for in the present.

Stay Present with Possibilities

Concentrate on what you want, be aware of your self-talk, be squared up to make the essential alterations and treat yourself well.

Once we can distinguish the link between our thoughts, feelings and our triggers, we stand a chance in changing our behavior building ourselves up.

Remember, behavior is a manifestation of thoughts and feelings.

From time to time, there may be gaps between what we believe, how we feel and how we behave.

This discrepancy may lead to conflict, stress or tension, poor decision-making or judgment, and temper or the way things turn out such as in the way we maintain our self worth by the changes and series of events in our life.

Uphold self-respect, value personal accountability and move passed the past in forward-thinking.

Put these practices into play daily during the ever changing moments in life. When you do, you are able to maintain your self-worth and value no matter what embracing possibilities!


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