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Love is in the Air! Establishing New Relationships

No matter how much many of us try to deny it, the truth still remains that none of us can do without connection. It is human for anyone to have the urge of wanting to feel and be connected with others.

This is why most of us are always in search of that special one that is said to be your ‘soul mate’.

As a result, we get overjoyed once we find someone to start a new relationship with.

This is why most of these relationships are full of promise at their initial stages.

However, some of them live up to those expectations while others do not fizzing out after the honeymoon phase of things.

There are three principles that are important for a new romantic relationship to consider and understand for long term sustainability.


The first one is the time factor. It is vital that the two of you to find quality time to bond.

While the idea is that you want to you spend a lot of time together, it is vital that there is still balance in maintaining the other functions and responsibilities in your life.

If you find yourself shirking your obligations, this could lead to unhealthy imbalances in the long run.

And also that a relationship takes time, you can’t force the process of getting to know someone to see if this person is someone you want to pursue for a long term relationship.

This is quite important if at all you want to maintain the relationship, that consistent quality (over quantity) of time together.

Finding a schedule that works for the lives you are leading will help see if the relationship has the viability of sustaining consistent quality time in the long run.

If it’s once a week, twice a month or a month, a FaceTime in the evenings for 15 minutes, whatever that makes sense and brings healthy balance is what matters most.

This can be done by simply hanging out, go out for nature walks, meet at each others place, go for movies or even at the gym together.  

Other Connections

Secondly, it is good to become acquainted with the connections outside of the connections the two of you are making.

This applies to their family, close professional cohorts and/or friends.

While you may be the person sweeping them off their feet, the connections already established will be the ones that may be the ones that keep your partner grounded whether you two work out or not.

To disregard these relationships is almost like disregarding the person you are wanting to get to know so well.

Making sure that you get to know how these relationships interconnect to the person you are dating will help you gain an understanding the person you are dating.

It should be obvious by now that connections influence the manner in which your partner will perceive core values, expectations, how to relate, how to problem solve, how to spend money; all of which are important factors of your relationship.

Therefore, it is wise you try to become acquainted respectfully of the influential outside connections and make sure there is a healthy balance of your partner not isolating themselves from these relationships in getting to know you.


Finally, make good use of effective communication especially when communicating feelings.

The three most important words that can transform and level up a relationship are, “I love you.”

One mistake that many do is using this phrase so early or use it in the wrong context of what they are feeling about the person and the relationship.

In the real sense, saying ‘I love you’ is simply a type commitment statement towards your partner that can be ambiguous because if the two of you have not communicated what a serious committed relationship means to the other in terms of wants and needs, it could create confusion what the boundaries and expectations are in the relationship.

Using it this pre-maturely in a relationship could create a sense of undue expectation if the foundation of the relationship is still yet to be established.


There is nothing like new love. The warm fuzzy feeling you feel from it! It is important that once the feelings wane that a relationship is established in quality time, respect to the relationships already established and communicating effectively especially our wants and needs to get an idea of what it will take to make the relationship live successfully beyond the honeymoon phase.

When you do these things, you embrace possibilities!


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