Living with Defeat

Teenage Boy sitting on a stoop with his hands covering his face
Photo by Francisco Gonzalez

Whether by experience or innate ability, having the capacity to have a winner's mindset to embrace all the possibilities is available to you in your profession, in your relationships and ultimately your life.

For a very long time, I myself had a roommate called defeat. When something didn't actualize when I wanted it to or how I thought it was supposed to materialize, I immediately ran to that whispering voice that echoed defeat.

Believing in, settling for and embracing the mindset of defeat over every little mistake, mishap or learning experience is one of the most agonizing ways to live. And most times; these defeating thoughts are so deeply ingrained in our subconscious, they become an accepted way of living.

I implore those who are able to identify with a defeated mindset to counter that with this affirmative alternative, "I don't believe in defeat."

So when you come up with a great plan to generate new sales and that lingering whisper tells you all the ways it can fail; respond, "I don't believe in defeat."

And when the opinions of others try to dishearten your enthusiasm; tell yourself,

"I don't believe in defe