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Life Makeover 101!

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a little makeover and refresh ourselves.

The same can be said about your life, especially an important aspect of your life: the relationship you are having with yourself and how impacts the way you show up in the world.

Here are the key principles and a toolbox of Q&A you need to give you the total knock out makeover:

The Foundation

What is foundation of the relationship you are having with yourself and others?

What are the precepts by which you live by and the way in which you interact with others?

Are they:

  • Integrity?

  • Respect?

  • Hope?

  • Honor?

  • Love?

  • Gratitude?

  • Balance (Harmony)?


Are they:

  • Fear?

  • Dishonesty?

  • Distrust?

  • Entitlement?

  • Control?

  • Doubt?

  • Disharmony (a power struggle)?

The Concealer

What are you hiding from yourself or others in order feel worthy and accepted?

Are You:

  • Aware of your areas for improvements just as well as your strengths?

  • Speak honestly to others directly?

  • Do address issues as they arise assertively and respectfully?


Do you:

  • Try to conceal the fact that you are human and experience failures?

  • Gossip about others and talks issues with other people that are involved in the matter?

  • Are you passive to issues hoping they will just go away?

The Eyelashes

What are your perceptions about the world, life in general, yourself and others?

Do you:

  • View the world as a place of possibilities.

  • See the best people with discernment and balance.

  • See yourself as an equal individual to the rest of humanity worthy and deserving?


Do you:

  • See the world as a poor basket case with no hope in sight?

  • See people all as takers suspicious of their every motive?

  • See yourself as not good enough, unworthy and lacking what it takes to be respected and treated with dignity?

The Lipstick

How do you use and choose your words, what you say and what you choose to speak on?

Do you:

  • Speak gratitude daily?

  • Esteem others?

  • Laugh often and try not to take yourself too seriously?


Do you:

  • Always express words of the glass being half empty vs. half full?

  • Quick to criticize others and speak on what they need to “fix?”

  • Do you beat yourself up with negative self talk?

The Finishing Touch

How do you hold, handle and maintain the allure of who you are, what you are and what you do?

Do you:

  • Have daily practices in place that align with who you are and becoming?

  • Do you have a vision for your life and yourself?

  • Do you continually set goals that align with where your vision is taking you?


Do you:

  • Have no idea of what your day entails and have set no practices in place that support your continual growth and development?

  • Have no idea what you want out of life and where you see yourself in the near future?

  • Have set no intentions or goals that are in alignment to your wellbeing and forward progress?

A Need For Change or Not: No Judgement

No one is the judge nor jury for where you or anyone lies in the terms of these questions and where the answers lie.

Knowing if you need a makeover is a personal walk, a personal analysis and a level of personal accountability.

There is no judgement when it comes to your progress and your success.

If the nudge is there to change the foundation, maybe try a new concealer or put on a new lipstick, embrace possibilities of your transformational, knock out makeover!


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