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#Lettuce Take One Step at a Time that Needs Our Time

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

We want it all to happen.

The career.

The relationship.

The affluence.

The experiences.

The house.

The car.

But in wanting it all, we must learn the art of steps.

You see, the staircase is the full flight of stairs it takes to get to the top of them; however, it takes a stair at a time to encompass the entire flight.

With each step in life, you are gaining the things you need for the next step or task in your process of reaching the top of the stairs.

To miss or rush a step, you could quickly lose your balance or in some cases, you realize you didn't have enough lift or strength in your legs to make that leap in the first case.

You may get to the top, but now you are exhuasted and spent.

You can’t enjoy the top because you’re short-fused or out of breath panting instead of praising the process.

When you embrace the art of steps, you embrace the process and the possibilities that come from them.

You understand that steps are the mere lessons that strengthens your grounding for the next step.

There is never a need to rush to get to the top because faith shows you that it is already there; in fact, you see the top and the steps are the clear path to it.

Focus One Step at a Time that Needs the Time

And so, #lettuce implore the art of steps in our everyday lives.

#Lettuce not miss the step we are on now.

#Lettuce us take one step, one thing at a time.

While we take life one thing at a time, remember to focus on the one thing needs the time.

Placing our time today on things that are five steps ahead is misappropriating what is needed now to be missed later causing a possible tumble down as we attempt to go higher.

When you do, not only will you reach the top of the staircase, you embrace possibilities!

P.S. If you have to hold onto the rails, go ahead, they are there to help you and stable. Never neglect yourself the surroundings of good support.


What are are you taking one step at a time in?

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