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#Lettuce: Not Take it Personal

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

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The Lettuce Series: bold in your face salad!


It’s easy to feel rejected when a potential customer is not interested in your business or when you haven’t heard from them on a final decision (read “Dealing with Rejection”).

And while it is easy to feel some type of way, #lettuce: not take it personal.

Business is a marketplace full of buyers and sellers: sellers looking to fulfill a specific need for specific buyers and likewise; buyers looking for a specific seller to meet their specific needs.

Moreover, buyers are flooded with lots of ads influencing their decision making process. According to the Media Education Foundation, four hours of television alone contains about 100 ads! There are many factors that comes into play as it pertains to the buyers’ decision making process.

"Four hours of television alone contains about 100 ads!"

Therefore, #lettuce not take it personal: it’s business.


  • Be patient.

  • Remain open and responsive to customer inquiry.

  • Trust your customer base - they will come around.

Trust the process - it is a journey not a sprint.

So feel good focusing on and remaining persistent in delivering a great product or service knowing there is a specific customer base you are meant to serve. And in the meantime if you get a no or a no response at all, shrug it off.

#Lettuce not take it personal.


How do you keep your cool in business? We want to know!

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