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#Lettuce Embrace Change

All of us face change in our life. It is the constant that will always be in life.

Sometimes we love it, look forward to it and enjoy the preparations that are involved in making it happen. On other occasions, change can be very distressing. Usually occurring without warning, we are usually unprepared for it.

We can feel quite disorientated when change is unexpected and it can produce physical reactions we may feel we have little control over.

Facing unplanned change with a prepared mind helps to re-orientate life even when it seems to be out of our control.

If we accept that change is inevitable, we see the sense in thinking about and preparing to deal with it well ahead of when it actually happens. It also helps us reflect on how we will deal with our responses when faced with stress and change.

#Lettuce embrace change.

We can learn to manage our responses and thoughts in times of minor changes and challenge. As we do this, we are providing ourselves with invaluable training.

Learning how to deal with the many minor challenges and changes we face daily, will help us to develop the skills to deal with the unexpected ones.

 When we understand that:

  • Change is an ever present part of life

  • Change is part of growth

  • Change is not meant to throw you off your square

  • Even tough challenges bring with it a seed of advantage

  • Change is needed without it we do not progress

We can then take the proper and healthy steps to have a relationship with change that does not destroy us; yet, develop us.

#Lettuce embrace change.


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