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How to Set Your Intentions and Uncover Your Purpose

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

What is Setting Your Intentions All About?

Setting your intentions is powerful and transformational.

Intentions say that you want to place your mind, thought, feeling and action behind a conscious choice about your life’s path.

Great intentions are the ultimate choice for a good life motivated by principles of hope, faith, love, truth, justice and honor.

However there are such a thing as bad intentions motivated by including fear, doubt, indecision, greed, envy, hatred, lust, etc.

If these intentions are the driving forces of your life, you want all of these damaging influences out of your life.

Intentions are mighty.

Intentions tell other people what your goals are and where you are headed. Intentions are our motive that helps us to accomplish our objectives.

If you ever heard someone say, “Such and such has a good head on their shoulders,” or “Such and such has a bright future,” it could be by a person feeding off the intentions of what someone is doing and how they are going about doing them.

Uncovering the Source of Motivation

To learn your intentions you have to put forth effort.

Occasionally you'll feel bad-tempered, and grit your teeth to uncover what’s motivating you; yet, as you continue to learn you'll see a light at the end of the tunnel.

So what if some of your intentions are foul?

Welcome to realism, humanity and imperfection.

Yet, you are able to change ill intentions by changing your conscious negative thoughts and subconscious negative thought patterns through autosuggestion and conscious positive thinking patterns.

Writing Your Intentions

It is always helpful for an individual to put down their intentions. When you put down your intentions on paper, it helps you to discover you.

Many individuals don't like to write; all the same if you keep a journal you are able to look back later to see your growth stage.

It only takes a couple of minutes daily to jot down your feelings, thoughts, ideas etc. By doing so, you will discover you and what alternatives you have available when changing ill intentions to honorable ones.


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Seek Resources

As a matter of fact, build resources.

Resources are the key that unlocks the doorways to success and to do a spot check on your intentions.

For example, what is the ideal career for you?

Pull up your assets and utilize them to your benefit.

Do a job search to help you discover a new vocation that makes you happy.

Always follow through with your plans.

Never quit and demand results.

Keep Going

Continue to discover and take action by writing down your particular needs and wants. Go over the inner pictures you develop and listen to the voices that tell you how you are able to better your personal life.

Learn to train your conscious to live healthier. We have instincts inside us. Learn to restore your instincts and listen. Listening is the key to help you better your personal life. Learn how to acknowledge your bodies needs as well.

And when you do, set your intentions to align with the glorious path awaiting you.

Intend the life your dream, set them honestly, set them with integrity and embrace possibilities!


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