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How to RARC Life! Respond & Remain Centered

Things can come out of nowhere and you feel thrown wondering how did I get here?

Especially by people.

At times, those around you may be going through things that are out of your circle of influence; however, they can make their issues, their baggage, their crazy about you.

When you least expect it, when you are feeling grounded and great they come with their crazy!

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, these whirlwind of dynamics can cause unnecessary stress, confusion, frustration and conflict that has you feeling:

If I didn’t answer the phone,

If I just let them be,

If I wasn’t trying to be nice and kind,

If I wasn’t trying to meet them halfway,

If I chose the road less traveled,

If I didn’t say yes to dinner,

If I didn’t open my front door,

If I didn’t ask them how their day was,

If I didn’t share how good my day was,

And the list goes on, I would not be here.

So how do you get out of those sticky situations with people who seem like a vortex waiting to suck you into their dogmas?

R.A.R.C. it!

That’s right, respond and remain centered.


Sometimes people are on their high horses and they are looking for someone to join in on the ride of their emotional rollercoaster.

But that doesn’t mean you have to join in.

Before you respond to them, first respond to yourself.

Take sometime to be self-aware of where you are by asking:

  • How is this making me feel?

  • Does this interaction uplift me or being a downer?

  • How I do I take responsibility for my role in this interaction?

  • How do I gracefully remove myself from this interaction?

When you can answer these questions, they give you insight on how you should respond to someone whose in their crazy.

Maybe just listen. No response is a response.

Maybe a simple, okay.

If they are drilling you to engage maybe with questioning or a debate, simply respond I will get back to you.

If they are asking or demanding a response and you don’t have one, simply say, “I don’t know.” It is okay not know it all at once, none of us do.

Self-awareness gives you the ability to know when and how to respond.

Remain Centered

You can’t control other people but you can control yourself.

Self-Management is the guide to remaining centered. Also known as self-control, self-management is your ability to take of responsibility for your own behavior and well-being.

Just because someone else is making an issue of things, does not mean you have to.

Just because your co-worker wants to complain about work doesn’t mean you have to.

Just because someone is acting a plum fool, doesn’t mean you have to.

The most powerful thing you can do and master, is you, through your ability to master self-management.


It is okay.

Life and people can throw you off when you least expect it.

The unnecessary drama, the need to complain and the always expressing what’s half empty versus half full is always around waiting for you like a fox in the woods seeking its prey.

This world is full of people who are in a process or space in life that may lead them to be the downer of the day.

But even then, it doesn’t mean you have to get pulled into being a downer yourself.

We all have a responsibility to ourselves, to uphold ourselves and answer to life’s call for growth and development.

No one is without things to work through.

If you find yourself dealing with someone whose trying to make their issues your issues, make no mistake in joining on the gravy train.

Protect your energy and the keep the vibes high. Honor them and yourself: RARC it!

When you do, you embrace possibilities!


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