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How Self-Esteem Impacts Our Self-Belief & Confidence

Our self-belief has a profound effect on our confidence and on the quality of our lives.

If a person believes that they lack basic skills to solve problems then they may lose heart and give up.

In contrast, a person who has less abilities but who believes in themselves stands a much better chance of being successful.

This is because their self-belief gives them the confidence to try.

Have you ever wondered why only a few students in a class ask questions?

Is it because the others have understood all the points made during a lecture?

Or is it because they lack the confidence to ask a question?

More often than not, it is the fear of making a fool of themselves that stops people period from asking questions especially the questions of status quo.

In other words, there could be a lack self-confidence.

The only way this confidence improves is when someone starts believing in themselves.

This is why self-belief is so important.

It gives an individual the confidence to aim for the moon. It overwhelms negative thoughts with affirmation, and drives away the fear of failure with persistence in a definite purpose.

It is the best antidote against beating yourself up, which turns several talented persons into under-achievers.

It gives the students the confidence that they have nothing to loose.

On the contrary, they realize that they have everything to gain by asking a question, even if it happens to be a silly question.

Self-belief gives us the confidence to accept failure. It teaches us the importance of positive thinking. Those who have self-esteem don't talk about failures; instead, they try to find out why they did not succeed. They look for lessons that can be learnt from their experience. This is not a simple issue of word play. It is the power of positive thinking, and it is available to only those who have self-esteem.

Once again it is self-esteem that gives us the confidence to enter a new group, new experiences, and become a part of something bigger than ourselves no matter how far out they may seem. Those who lack belief, are very reluctant to approach life this way. They don't want to expose themselves to the ridicule of being seen as shy, nervous or ignorant. They would instead prefer to play it say and stay in the box.

No one can embrace the possibilities, until they individual develop self-respect, and the self-belief that they are as good and as worthy as anyone else.

They must realize that they are not the only one who has strong and weak points; the others too suffer from the same shortcomings and they are also called humans too.


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