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Get Out of Your Head, Get Out of Your Way!

Yes, we can be very self-centered sometimes to the extent it is detrimental to our own well-being.

Yes, you are the center of your universe!

But sometimes we can make everything about us and over think a situation that is for us to embrace than for us to fix.

We make the rude driver, about us.

We make the disagreement, about us.

We make other people’s poor choices, about us.

We make other people’s good choices, about us.

And the list goes on.

Sometimes it is not about us.

Sometimes we can internalize a thing to the point that we may miss the bigger picture.

The rude driver was just rushing to work because if they run late again, they could get fired and lose the one source of income they have to feed their children.

The disagreement was not an attack on your core values and integrity, it was about an expression of unique human experiences, that is all.

The poor decision that person made was out of your control.

The good decision that person made was about their best interests and yes people are capable of making decisions for their lives without your control of them.

You see, when we put it in our heads that we are the center victim or victor of everyone and everything that we create a mental frenzy and sometimes unnecessary drama and mess.

Relax, you are wonderful!

Sometimes it’s not about you and that’s okay.

There are still opportunities of lessons to be learned and moments to celebrate either way.

So if you want to embrace possibilities, get out of your head and get out your way!


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