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ENC SPOTLIGHT | Teddie Jones Sr. How Loss Became the Ultimate Gain

Updated: Feb 11, 2019


As the saying goes, "With no pain, there is no gain." However, it's never the feeling of profit when you're experiencing a painful moment.

For Teddie Jones Sr., IT Guru and Operations Analyst, he understands fully how a rock and a hard place can be an agonizing plight; yet, bearing many fruits.

As the youngest of 10 children to aging parents, Teddie was always prepared for what some would consider the unthinkable, losing your parents.

But in a 6-month period back in 2016, Teddie faced multiple simultaneous losses:

  • Losing a 1st cousin to kidney failure who he considered a brother more than anything especially since being so close in age.

  • His wife of over 20 years was hospitalized for 6 months losing her ability to walk.

  • Losing a sister due to complications from a stroke.

  • Losing to what some would call Teddie's best friend, go-to guy, his partner in crime and also his big brother, Reverend Tucker Jones, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

In a time of major losses, Teddie embraced this season (in hindsight) as a transformational journey. We sat down with Teddie as he shares his light about the power of pain.


What was the "Lightbulb" moment for you in all of this?

"Definitely the loss the of my brother because he was my go-to guy when I had tough times. To lose him during a time when I felt I was taking losses on all fronts, was one of the deepest pains I had ever felt. Losing my parents did not compare to the loss of my dearest brother Tucker.

I did not know that was possible?

In that space, a voice or inkling came that my thinking, my mindset on how I perceived this pain was keeping me in the pain.

And to heal; I had to change my thoughts and ultimately, changing my thought life revolutionized my life, health, and overall well-being.

What were the driving forces behind the success of your healing?

"I had to realize I had learned things along the way in life that did not suit my forward progress and as a result; unlearn them. After unlearning, I had to learn anew:

learn new things that were useful and helpful rendering the results I had longed for in all areas of my life.

For example, I realized I had to unlearn that self-care was being selfish. This idea that taking time for myself to better serve others was selfish, led me to what is called compassion fatigue and near total burnout. I learned a new ideal that caring for your own well-being makes you full, a "self-full," person who can effectively serve others.

For someone who's trying to get to that, "Lightbulb," moment during a painful time, what is your advice on how to make the first step to healing?

"Merely doing it and do it in fear if you have to. Afraid, worried, doubtful, confused? It doesn't matter: still do it. I believe our greatest enemy is fear. Face up to it, get past it and get it behind you or it will always be in front of you."

What have obstacles taught you?

"Obstacles are merely illusions and truly do not exist. We are expressions of God having a human experience. It is our perceptions of what we are going through that creates the reality of obstacles. The human experience is an evolution process with learning curves, not obstacles."

ENC Spotlight: Teddies Jones Sr.

What does, "Embrace Possibilities," mean to you?

"All things are possible, there's nothing impossible."

If you had to sum up your life's purpose in 3 words, what would it be?



Embracing Service for Healing At Large

Teddie is taking this experience to help others heal past pain, loss and caring for a loved one. In his upcoming books, "Never Too Old To Go For Gold," and "Sick of Love," he looks to support many uncover the gains in pain.


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