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Updated: Dec 31, 2019

When it comes to putting issues to the forefront and bringing the discussions around effective new creative solutions, there is no other person that exemplifies this than Jason Fields.

As a Democratic member of the Wisconsin State Assembly, representing the 11th Assembly District, he finds no better avenue to do so.

But Jason is much more than a politician, the former stockbroker, banker, and financial advisor is a social change agent alleviating economic disparities through education and innovative platforms in Wisconsin’s urban communities, most specifically his hometown Milwaukee, WI.

His passion to be a trailblazer in the city of Milwaukee drives him into spaces and places that most African Americans, in one of the top (7th) segregated cities in the country, are closed from.

As his motto says best, “If you are not at the table, you’re probably on the menu.”

We sat down with Jason to talk about his passion for service, what forward progress truly means, and how he embraces possibilities.

What is the best word that describes what led you to where you are today? And why?

If it is one word, it would be purpose.

I say that because I try to line up my life with God’s path for me through all the ups and downs in my life, it always boiled to a purpose.

Such as, “Why does God have me here and am lining up on what I am supposed to do in the mission that has been laid out for me to fulfill?”

So for me, it definitely is purpose.

What is and/or are your daily spiritual practice(s)? In other words, what are the daily habits you consistently do to maintain a healthy well being to execute at the level you operate from)?

Meditation and prayer, a lot of it.

The Bible says you have to meditate on the word of God day and night.

So that means at least twice a day, you are supposed to commune and meditate.

I think the reason why is because so much stuff is coming at you that often times you can forget and get off track. Through meditation, you can be reminded that at the end of the day, God has control.

And so when you try to rely on your own strength, power, and intuition without resetting in meditation, the potential for things to go awry is greater.

Meditation for me, whether it be starting my day with thanks or starting my day with intention, it reminds me there is something greater.

Often times I also periodically throughout the day may meditate for a moment to remain grounded and tap into my purpose in thought and prayer.

What have obstacles taught you?

I continue to hear the phrase, “My grace is sufficient for you,”

Which means that the obstacles I face are not bigger than the God I serve.

Obstacles are indicators of growing stronger.

The bigger and the stronger you become, the bigger the obstacles.

And out of those obstacles, you grow stronger in a number of ways: maybe with more intelligence, you become physically stronger or more faithful and committed.

Without obstacles, there is no testimony.

Without a test, there is no glory.

Obstacles mean I am leveling up.

What does embrace possibilities mean to you?

Embrace possibilities mean, anything can happen, I can achieve and accomplish anything, and there is nothing off-limits.

The plan God has for me is way bigger than I have for myself.

Maybe you want to be a business owner, but God sees you owning an empire.

The possibilities mean there is nothing too big or too small for God and therefore, you too.

You achieve anything you envision if you stick to your grind, you’re patient and have enough faith to get there.

If you could sum up your life’s purpose in three words, what would it be?

Always moving forward.

You know every two years I think it is important to evaluate where you are.

And if in two years, you don’t have more influence, more power, more money, etc. it may be time to switch gears.

It is not to say that you have to have more money per se. As the saying goes, “Your network is your net worth,” but if I want to become a millionaire, I need to expand my network beyond thousandaires and have at least one or two millionaires in my network in the next two years.

And the same goes for any quality for that facet.

There is so much more you increase beyond money.


Moving forward on Purpose


In 2019, Mr. Fields announced he is running for Milwaukee Comptroller and winning would mean he would be the first African American Chief Financial Officer for the city of Milwaukee the city’s history.

“I’m running for Comptroller because the true potential of this office has never been met, and we can do so much more to help city residents, community organizations, and businesses across Milwaukee. It’s time we reach that very potential and work together, as a community, to help make Milwaukee stronger than it has ever been,” shares candidly in his official campaign announcement (source: Urban Milwaukee).

The primary vote takes place, February 18, 2020.

More information about Jason Fields and his campaign for comptroller visit, Fields For MKE

Other Initiatives Jason Fields is involved in you can learn more about and you how you get involved:

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