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ENC SPOTLIGHT | Fred Stanley Jr. How He Thinks Outside the Box into the GREA

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Fredric Stanley Jr., ENC Spotlight, GREASKALE,, Effective New Creative Solutions

“Life is not black and white: there are grey areas so think outside the box.”

Life isn’t black and white, there are grey areas.

For some, grey areas are hard to deal with. The unknowns, uncharted paths and foggy places of life are things we all must live in from time to time. Whether it is a tough decision that has no right or wrong answer to it or the perspectives that aren't politically correct, living in the "Grey," is no foreign subject to Entrepreneur and Brand Executive Fred A. Stanley Jr.

As the CEO and Founder of RenaiZZance Media, a multi-media design company, Fred Stanley have found much success in his ability to use uncanny thinking and out of the box perception to create design aesthetics his clients have favored for almost 10 years.

Fredric Stanley Jr., ENC Spotlight, GREASKALE,, Effective New Creative Solutions

In his latest venture, GREASKALE, a startup lifestyle brand, Fred looks to help spread the very aspect of individual thought for the everyday person to step outside the black and white lines into the GREA.

We sat down with Fred to learn more about his GREASKALE methodology.

What was the Lightbulb Moment for you that led to embracing thinking outside the box?

"To be honest, it’s something that has always been there as a guiding light.

As a child, in public social settings, whether it be school or church per se, there were no outlets to question, “How things are done.”

In fact, children [to me] are taught to follow and listen to what’s before them on how to do things as what’s considered the “Right way,” in learning, thinking and acting.

As I spent time with my father, I realized that the way he tackled everyday philosophies was quite like myself; therefore, I can say that it is in part my DNA makeup.

Once I became an adult, it opened a safe space go into the closets of my own heart and core values to truly challenge status quo thinking to gain an understanding if certain mindsets aligned with producing fruitful outcomes."

What are your driving forces behind your success as an out of the box thinker and entrepreneur?

Fredric Stanley Jr., ENC Spotlight, GREASKALE,, Effective New Creative Solutions

"Passion. You have to follow your passion.

You can do some amazing things and be great at them, but not successful.

Success does not begin by outward things that as people we tend to look at.

Success is an internal experience that reflects on the outside of everything that you are, do and have. Success is when you are content within yourself, and you wake up every day excited about the passion that is driving you. With true success, there are no worldly boundaries to it that are usually defined only by a level of material possessions.

Without passion, which is the inner enthusiasm that inspires you every day when waking up, you honestly can’t attain success ... you may do great things but not have success.

Remove the superficial elements of success and focus on the intrinsic factors of success: these are my factors of success.

What is the first step to making the first step?

Fredric Stanley Jr., ENC Spotlight, GREASKALE,, Effective New Creative Solutions

"Decide. Invest. Persist.

Making the decision to do it: an unwavering decision.

You may experience a moment of doubt, that is fine and okay. You are human. It is essential however that you take that doubt to transform it into a positive response.

For example, if you had a goal to sell 25 units of your product and you only sold 3 units, you may sense doubt in reaching your goal. However, the positive response to what you did sell is that each person you sold to could very well tell 7 to 8 more people about your product and they buy it.

It is your positive response to doubt [all negative thinking] that keeps your spirits lifted and your mind focused on the unwavering decision to keep moving forward.

Also, invest in you. Even if it is not money, spend time into your craft.

Lastly, you must remain diligent without it, you don’t go forward."

What have obstacles taught you?

Fredric Stanley Jr., ENC Spotlight, GREASKALE,, Effective New Creative Solutions

"They are a must.

To me, it’s the main ingredient to success. Without it, you don’t learn about yourself nor your craft.

Just think if we didn’t master learning how to walk as a baby because the obstacle of pulling, trying and falling down was too much? How ordinary life would be and how much more future opportunities you’d missed because you accepted defeat in learning how to walk?

To celebrate the process and every part of the journey including the peaks and the valleys."

What does “embrace possibilities” mean to you?

"Embrace the process and enjoy the struggle because it produces things that only obstacles can bring out.

Embrace your mistakes too!

Great things can come from mistakes.

Cookies were created by mistake. It was intended to be a small cake, but instead, a new culinary delicacy was created.

There are great possibilities in mistakes.

There are great possibilities in adversity.

You’ve got to embrace the positives and the negatives because without them- there aren’t possibilities.

You blend it together, and you have something great. Just like my brand GREASKALE, you mix the black and white; you get grey."

If you had to sum up your life’s purpose in 3 words, what would it be?


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