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In recent reports, 2020 will be the first year where hair relaxing products will be a small niche market in the African-American hair and beauty industry.

Prior to the 2020, hair relaxing products made up roughly 70% of market share in hair products for African-American Women. However, the birth of the Natural Hair Movement in the 2000’s cultivated the major shift that we see today.

Not only do you see more women of color embracing their natural hair texture, but the women themselves trailblazed a movement being one of the first to create what we see now known as social media influencers.

From their Do it Yourself (DIY) hairstyle tutorials to their homemade hair care recipes, these women are at the crux of not only owning brands but most of all, owning the narrative of defining real everyday beauty.

There is no one else that embodies this transformation more than Alyssia Dawn.

As a motivational beauty influencer in her own right, Alyssia rocks her naturally locked hair with poise and grace.

She started her journey humble and curious with an intent to merely share her personal road as a woman with locs as well as using the platform as an outlet for her creativity.

With over 100 videos and almost 20,000 YouTube subscribers later, Alyssia Dawn is here to stay.

We had the opportunity to talk with Alyssia discussing her path and what it means to embrace who you are; just as you are, as possibilities unfold.

What is the best word that describes to what led you to where you are today? And why?

Honestly, God.

I have been through quite a bit in my life. If it wasn't for my belief, my relationship and my love for my Creator; who knows where I would be.

Being in tune with Him, I was able to realize my passion, which is helping others. 

What is and/or are your daily spiritual practice(s)? In other words, what are the daily habits you consistently do to maintain a healthy well being to execute at the level you operate from)?

Prayer is paramount for me. I make it a habit to pray, set my intentions and bask in the quiet ambience before my boys wake up.

I try to also take care of myself by exercising at least 30 mins a day. I've come to realize that working out not only helps with physical health but it helps to clear the mind as well.

As I get older, taking time out for myself to pray and work out really sets the tone for my day. 

What have obstacles taught you?

Obstacles have taught me that I possess a strength that runs deep.

I've learned just how powerful I am through trials that were meant to destroy me. 

Trouble and obstacles are meant to pull out the fighter and the over comer that is in you.

What does embrace possibilities mean to you?

To me, it simply means that you should give way to positive thoughts & hope that good things can happen.

I believe that we can be negative thinking people that it automatically cancels the expectation we should hold onto.

I've been guilty of letting negative thoughts and past bad experiences cloud my optimism for my future.

If you keep a negative, nasty mindset: you will get exactly that.

Embracing possibilities keeps your mind focused with expectancy.

If you could sum up your life’s purpose in three words, what would it be?

To help others.


Helping Others Value their Beauty


Following Alyssia is a trans-formative experience.

With her striking photography threaded with inspirational words that heal, motivate and cultivate an authentic you; Alyssia uses her platform to alter the inner dialogues of self-awareness and self-appreciation helping others master confidence in who they are.

“In this age of social media where we are bombarded with 'you need this,' 'buy this,' or 'get like me' ... you can lose yourself.

It's important to value and see your own unique beauty. I've struggled for most of my life with what I looked like. I would try to change myself to be what I thought others would want me to be or in short ... just to be accepted.

Engaging in behavior like that eventually led to a serious break down in my life & thankfully now, I'm in the rebuilding process.

I had to face what was making me feel unworthy, inferior, undesirable and deal with those issues head on.

I had to learn (and still learning) that I am valuable, worthy, and deserving of all good things.

Never let anyone, anything make you feel less then.”

It is this wisdom that speaks volumes of how far she’s come and what personal growth has done for her personal brand that she never in beginning set out to create.

“I never really meant for it to take off the way that it did. YouTube really gave me a platform to expand my creativity and share it with the world. It's funny because I never considered myself as a 'beauty influencer' but just a woman sharing her passion of hair and makeup,” Alyssia shares candidly.

But now her platform has taken its own shape in a major way.

As of recently her work with Eden Body Works and being the Social Media Brand Ambassador for Loc Queens Rock, speaks to the growth of possibilities that are unfolding for Alyssia.

And her advice to people who are budding into there possibilities?

“Believe in yourself.

You were purposely created for great and beautiful things.

Find out what your passion is and work it.

Don't worry or compare your life to anyone else's.

Run your race and do your absolute best!”

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