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Don’t Fall Back, Fall Forward!

We’ve heard it before, when people are implying they taking themselves away from a certain situation or person; the classic response is, “I’m falling back.”

And granted, it is good to step away from circumstances, situations and/or people to assess a situation to see how to properly address the matters at hand.

But instead of falling back, why not fall forward?

Falling back appears to make sense if something or someone is too close in our space for comfort, we step back.

Even in fighting, when your opponent takes a jab at you, your inclination is to dodge the hit by ducking or by moving back from where your opponent intended to land one on you.

From another standpoint however, falling is still falling. So if you’re going to fall, why not fall forward especially in situations or with people?

If we fall back, we are going backwards.

Backward could be in our thinking, back in our old habits, back in our unhealthy responses to situations, circumstances and people that need critical thinking and healthy approaches to address them.

If we consider to fall forward, even in taking a fall and stepping away from a matter, fall forward to make progress in these ways:

  • In our thinking

  • In our responses

  • In our resolve

  • In our tact

  • In our wisdom

  • In our healing

  • In our discernment

  • In our use of our time and resources


Life is not a cookie cutter one size fits all experience. There will be moments where, hey ... you may fall.

And you can fall in a myriad of ways in all sorts of situations, events and various relationships.

Nonetheless, don’t allow these experiences to bring you into patterns that have you moving back; yet, consider using them to make you better.

So the next time you are tempted to say,” I’m falling back,” instead declare, “I’m falling forward!”


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