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Conquering Anger in Conflict

Anger is a natural emotion. For someone whose told you they’ve never been angry before, they are not telling you the truth. You nor anyone should shame or don’t feel bad about experiencing anger. Anger makes you human not inhumane.

We all deal with distresses, stress, and aggravation in our lives. And we all need healthy outlets, ways and methods in which we deal with our anger.

If anger however, is getting the best of you each time you are rejected, frightened, interrupted or when things do not go your way, learning how to overcome the feelings of anger in a healthy fashion may be something you should explore.

Understanding Anger

When a person is angry, it is often the result of threatened emotions, such as hurt of self-importance, rejections, difficult to deal with prospects, and/or antagonistic flight of the imaginations.

Understanding what is the root cause and/or motivation of your anger as well as empathy for other’s in conflict will help remain balanced when working through conflict.

Ways to Improve Your Anger in Conflict:

  • Relax

  • Breath

  • Show Empathy

  • Put yourself on timeout from someone who provokes you to anger

  • Think before acting

  • Exercise

  • Respond in a calm tone and manner

  • Lighten up the mood with sensible humor

  • Go out in nature and get some fresh air

  • Choose to forgive and move on

  • Write out your experiences with conflict and anger to identify triggers and better strategies you can use in the future

Here are more tips from to improve your anger management skills:

  • Learn how to control your anger and don’t let it control you.

  • If you are religious, do consider praying for your emotions to subside. Praying can dispel negative emotions.

  • Do not communicate when you are angry. Wait for yourself to cool down, instead.

  • Do not send text messages or any other messages via technological means when you are angry.

  • Instead, write your emotions down or make a draft and let it sit there for 24 hours. Read it back when you wake up the next morning, once you are calm and reassess what you’ve written making the adjustments to your message from a resolved place.

You Can Win Without Topping Off!

When you are conquering anger, you are taking control of your life.

It is learning how to take control and deal with anger responsibly is what counts the most.

When you respond to anger and conflict with others in a healthy balanced way, you are embracing possibilities!


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