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Be the Superhero of Your Story

We see the archetype all around us.

  • The Avengers who save the world from destruction.

  • The Knight and Shining Armor.

  • The Princess that must kiss the frog.

  • Behind every good man there is an even greater woman.

These mantras, story lines and connotations appear to hint to something outside of us, to save us.

  • It takes someone else with courage to make a difference in the world.

  • The Knight and Shining Armor is one that sweeps you off of your feet.

  • In order for the frog to become whole again to who he originally was created to be, the Princess must choose and decide (by way of a kiss).

  • For a man to even be just good and decent, he must have an better counterpart by his side.

It is understandable the connotation of hope, inspiration, belief in humanity to help each other, love, romance, companionship and teamwork these mantras and story lines invoke.

Equally however, they impart an idea too that something outside of us must come to save us.

Rather than supporting that we alone; as we are individually, are enough and enough to live out and endeavor into all the possibilities life has to offer, it suggests our story needs another character (their actions and intentions) for a happy ending.

  • You alone can make a difference in the world.

  • You alone can show up in the world and make a grand entry into purpose.

  • You alone can be who you are created to be, no one has that type of control over who you are. What they do nor don’t do does not impact the wonderful being that you already are.

  • Like attracts like, you attract great people because you are great also.

When we begin to embrace and own the infinite capacity within us, we no longer need to seek wholeness outside of us; instead, what is outside us adds to a surplus to what is already there.

So stop looking for the hero, walk in the bathroom and look in the mirror because the hero is you.

Be what your story has been looking for all along to embrace possibilities.


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