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Ayesha Curry: The Lessons of Work-Life Balance

Ayesha Curry
Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Some may know of Ayesha Curry as the wife of NBA Champion, MVP and All-Star Stephen Curry whose known for her no filter persona and honesty.

She is breaking the mold of what it means to be a Baller's Wife.

Along with her candid personality, she is not shy to share her devotion to family all the while being a mompreneur. While she draws in dispraise sometimes, there is more that can be learned and congratulated about Mrs. Curry than criticized.

Here are some positive takeaways you can learn from the co-partner in the Curry Dynasty.

1. Life Happens

Ayesha Curry Hannah Montana
Photo Courtesy of Disney

Most may not know, but prior to dating Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry was pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles with worthy roles.

One could say she was well on her way; however like most people: life, marriage and family with a devotion to them all can change your course.

However, this is where things begin, not end. Stay tuned!

2. Marriage and commitment to family does not mean you are losing yourself; yet, you are evolving into a better path and better journey for your overall purpose.

Ayesha Curry and Curry Children
Photo Courtesy of Parents Magazine

I here people especially mothers (including myself) try to figure out our person-hood in the light of devotion to our marriage and our children all the while feeling as if that takes up the entire load of our existence.

What Ayesha did instead was use that journey and overall purpose with starting her own blog and brand, "Little Lights of Mine." which has grown to become a multi-million home life brand.

It is here that Ayesha uses her platform to share who she is today: a woman of faith, a wife, a mother, a lover of life, chef and a home life brand.

She has established a brand, a flow and an identity that does not allow her to separate her career path from her family and marriage; yet, incorporate them all and gain a better sense of the new self.

3. Partnerships are shared successes.

Their Success = Your Success. Your Success = Their Success.

You guys play on the same team and you don't make your personal goals (and/or success) a battlefield or place for competition.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry NBA Title
Photo Courtesy NBC Sports

It is easy to see someone you love rise to their goals all the while you made adjustments to your own world feeling as if you have, "To get on it," before your hopes and dreams are just mere images being overshadowed by your spouse's own success. ​​

It is safe to say that these fears, thoughts and emotions can lead to battling or fighting for the top spot when in reality marriage is not a place for competition for it only makes a divided union weak.

Everyone has peaks and valleys, everyone at some point will have to take a step back and everyone will enjoy of the fruits of individual and collective efforts.

It is safe to say that Ayesha understands what that meant to be a supportive measure not only to her husband but also to her children. I believe that as Stephen Curry eats the fruit of his hard work and success, it permeates to Ayesha Curry's platform(s) as well.

His fans are potential Ayesha Curry brand supporters as well. It’s a win-win and as someone would implore a low cost marketing tool if you ask me.

Furthermore, working together instead of competing with one another gives you and your spouse the opportunity to create synergies to team up on initiatives and make the impact even greater.

Two is always better than one.

Check out their Kaiser Permanente Commercial on healthy eating, Kaiser Permanente "Bad Habits."

4. All good things in due timing my friend.

Life happens and it never stops. Having dreams and goals as well as commitments to maintaining your life is weaved into the things we call, "Work life balance," it is always a balancing process of so many things.

We all have hopes, aspirations and then we also have responsibility along with meeting the person of your dreams, getting married and starting life together and … uh oh babies come.

Its okay to feel as if things are out of whack sometimes or its challenging, it is part of the process of beautiful transformation.

Ayesha Curry Food Network
Photo Courtesy Amanda Marsalis / Trunk Archive

What's important is patience in the process and diligence to know that all good things will come in due timing.

Maybe your marriage isn't ready for the big promotion even though you are.

Maybe your children need your time more than more of your money.

Maybe you could apply for that new position that would do wonders for your career, but you aren't centered yet to manage it all with where you are in life.

Maybe now is the time to have children than later.

Maybe the baby came sooner than you planned, hoped for or expected.

I believe Ayesha Curry like most of us may have been plagued with the same issues, unique circumstances and have had to work through her own unique dynamics; however, it is truly admirable to see her ability to adjust, change course, be open to the new journey and embrace it: that is worth celebrating and learning from.

For more information about Ayesha Curry and her multi-dimensional brand visit here.


When life happens to you how do you manage it at all?

Leave your comments in the section below!


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