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Are You Ready?

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There is nothing more exhilarating than a new idea, a new dream, a new endeavor.

It is almost as if, a jolt of lightning filled with the elements of enthusiasm, passion and desire run through your entire body from head to toe.

You are ready to go, you are prepared to move, and you are ready to experience what is in your head on the outside in your reality.

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But then . . .

1. You tell someone else, and they disagree.

2. Doubt sets in.

3. The many attempts fail.

4. You realize you need more resources to execute.

5. Responsibilities get real.

6. You've hit a slump exhausted running on fumes.

It seems as if that new idea, that new dream, that new endeavor; is merely another patient in your waiting room of trying to make things happen clinic.

The key is not to fret.

Every new possibility comes in the process of readiness, and it is the process of preparedness that weeds out those who are really committed to birth the ideas, dreams, and endeavors inside of them.

Let's take a look in depth what the process of readiness can teach you in the previous six scenarios mentioned.

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You tell someone else, and they disagree with your idea

The process of readiness says, "Can you handle heat and opposition with poise? Are you going to accept their opinions to define your goals? How do you respond? Are you offended or do you understand that everyone is not going to agree with you all the time?"

Sometimes whether we like it or not, some of us are dealing with issues of validation to feel successful, motivated and accomplished.

If you are one of those people, then while you want to see things manifest, you must deal with and overcome the need for validation because you won't always get it from outside of you (read blog on validation).

Doubt sets in

To accomplish anything, unwavering faith has to be the core value of it all.

It is not to say you won't feel nor sense doubt along the way, but you can't let it have a hold on your ability to keep moving forward. If you allow doubt to stop you in your tracks completely, you are not ready and must learn how to counter doubt with faith.

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The many attempts fail

Failure is a part of learning how to correct and fine tune your practices. If you give up in the process of learning through failure, you will never see the very thing you envision.

Readiness says, "I understand and accept that losses happen. All I do is learn from them and apply the lesson forward to execute better the next time."

It took Thomas Edison 10,000 attempts to invent the incandescent lightbulb, before finally succeeding. Are you ready to fail to be prepared to succeed?

You realize you need more resources to execute

Resources most people think of is money; however, success is in the currency of your relationships. Therefore, resources most times come in relationships.

Maybe your idea needs the right type of relationships. You've done everything you could up until this point, and the right connections have to be cultivated.

Are you ready to be a team player?

Responsibilities get real

Let's face it, all of us are not born with a trust fund that says, "Do whatever you want until you figure it out!"

And unfortunately bills and taxes do not end because we have this grand idea; nonetheless, it is the balance of your current responsibilities and your goals that allows you to learn how to manage multiple counterparts effectively.

Great leaders master the concept of many moving parts. Readiness says, can you handle every angle at all times and can you pay attention to the details of how all the corners interrelate?

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You've hit a slump exhausted running on fumes

No one feels the flowers blooming 25 hours out of the day, yes . . . 25 not 24 hours out of the day.

Just as it is not really 25 hours a day, it is not all feel good feelings that we experience all the time. However, when those low moments come, you have to get back to the basics and revitalize your reason for what you are doing (refer to article getting back to the basics).

You've got to know to your why.

The why is the foundation to what you are doing. When low experiences come, you can then respond to them correctly opening the door to another dose of enthusiasm and light to get you toward the next phase in the journey.

If you allow yourself to stay in a slump too long and Lord forbid; forever, you are not truly ready for what you say you want and you need to take time to master the art of bouncing back.

Are you Ready?

We all have great ideas, great vision, and great endeavors, but not all of us embrace the possibilities of them because sadly; most of us all may not realize that the process to possibilities is cultivating the lessons and skills you need to be and do all that you see in your head.

So when the great idea arises, that jolt of lightning runs through your soul and excitement rushes through your veins.... breath and ask yourself to yourself, "Are you ready?"


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