6 Questions to Ask to Get to Know Anyone Better

Many people find it difficult to start a conversation with other people particularly, if they are not acquainted with each other or they feel shy or less passionate about a subject.

If you just try to initiate conversation with these 6 common basic questions, it may not take you very long endeavoring into a wonderful meaningful conversation with someone whether you know them or not!

What is favorite food or any cravings you’ve had lately?

You can start to talk to just about anybody about food. Everyone has his own taste and favorite food and probably will like to explain about his tastes. You also get an equal chance to tell about your most liked food. The conversation can then go to different directions.

At this moment in your life, how would you describe your perfect day?

The question will start a dialogue allowing the other person to explore his fantasy and draw a picture of a perfect day spent by him doing different things and enjoying things the way he likes. You can also describe your imagination.

Do you like to travel, where would like to travel to next?