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5 Ways to Make Your Life Better Now!

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Everyone wants a good life. It is a desire embedded in our DNA. It is part of our species survival method to improve our lives to achieve that good life as well. Most think to improve their lives, their circumstances must change creating the perfect storm for better days. Yet, that is not the case always.

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While there are instances where circumstances change, there are instances where circumstances don’t change (if not momentarily). That does not mean that we wallow around day by day waiting for something to happen to us to make our lives better. Despite what may going on in your life or around you, their many things you can do to make your life better now.

Here’s a list of ways to make your life better now:

Be grateful. Changing your attitude from being unappreciative to appreciative shifts your perspective to a positive note. With a positive perspective, you can see an opportunity right where you stand rather than in limitation.

Meditate. To meditate merely means to think with purpose. Meditation forces you to quiet your mind from all the noise around and go inside yourself to nurture good thoughts and uncover ideas that only stilling the mind can produce. Great ideas tend to be the solution to the better life you are seeking.

Unload. Sometimes we are carrying dead weight around slowing us down, bogging us into unhealthy cycles complicating our circumstances rather than improving them. Dead weight can come in many forms including but not limited to:

  • Toxic Conversations

  • Debilitating Relationships

  • Poor Habits

  • Stress

Unload the gossip, the dead relationships, the unhealthy eating, the pressures, and stresses of life.

These are weights you can release now. Stop calling Debbie Downer every day or send her to voicemail. Join a fitness group. Find a job that will support your well being not deteriorate it.

Visualize. Our imagination has more power to improve our lives than we sometimes give it credit to. As the famous physicist, Albert Einstein said,

“Logic gets you from A to Z. Imagination gets you everywhere.”

Black Woman with Afro Smiling
Photo by Samantha Qeja

Close your eyes if but for a moment and visualize the better life you dream of. Visualization creates an inner joy and enthusiasm that ignites you to move toward the making things better now.

Intend. Do everything you do with a purpose and mindset of, ”How will this improve my life in the big picture?” If you choose a drink a glass of water, drink it with the intention that this will improve my well being for longevity versus a soda. If you choose to end a negative conversation, choose with the intention of positive words produce positive outcomes so on and so forth.

Do things with full disclosure with yourself of how these actions move you in the right direction and if they don't, set the intention to choose actions that do.

Your Life Always Starts with You

The things that make our life better don't start from outside of us; yet, they start with us, in us. When you begin to make theses cost-free changes in yourself, your entire world has no choice but to change and, improve for the better.


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