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5 Ways to Be Your Own Angel Investor

Ever had a business idea that was so amazing, it knocked your socks off?

You knew that with the right resources and know how that you could really get this thing off the ground.

So your first thought is, “I need an investor.”

Which is a fair assessment, investors are people with the resources and know how who you are looking for business ideas like your own to invest in.

But what do you do in the meantime until you find that ideal investor?

Here are 5 ways you can be your own angel investor:

Keep Positive Thoughts Around Your Business Idea

It’s easy to allow doubt to creep in when you are seeking to start something new especially in business.

According most statistics, most businesses fail within ten years.

Consistent positive thinking will keep rendering the faith and the persistence to keep breathing life into your business idea until the things you need to keep the idea thriving appear.

Similar to positive thinking, enthusiasm is the feeling consequence of positive thinking. It is so important to have a zeal and passion for what you are doing.

When you are investing enthusiasm into your business idea, you are giving it life and translating passion that others can be inspired by and want to be apart of whether it be a potential investor or a potential customer.

Put in the Time

Sometimes the business idea is not ready for an investment; yet, time.

So if you don’t have anything, put time into your business idea.

Here’s how you can invest your time:

  • Study Successful Entrepreneurs who Lacked Resources Early on and How They Acquired Them.

  • Study the Industry of the Business Idea.

  • Put the Business Idea in Formal Writing.

  • Create a Pitch Presentation for Your Business Idea.

You can get money but you can’t get time. You have it now and use your time wisely to support the business idea.

Improve Your Habits

As you nurture your business idea, you can also find ways you can invest in improving your habits to increase your effectiveness such as:

  • Eating Well

  • Getting Regular Exercise

  • Resting Enough

  • Finding fruitful activities in your leisure time

These four areas of habit can greatly improve your ability to think and discern effectively for your business idea.

Expand Your Network

Meeting new people personally and professionally can open the gateway to meeting the ideal investor.

If there is no one in your own circle that would be an ideal investor, then you must look outside of it. LinkedIn is a great tool and resource to meet quality professionals who may be of interest to you in getting to know and meet.

Cultivating a network of like minded people helps you remain in line with good practices that support the viability of your business idea.

Make Every Cent Count

Maybe you don’t have $100,000, $10,000 or even $1,000 to invest in your idea. But whatever you have, it can count for something.

Something as little as $5 can go a long way in today‘s world social media like a Facebook ad or boosted post about your business.

Don’t think that your dollars can’t make things move, no matter how small they seem to you.


We all need someone or something to help be a catalyst to any endeavor especially business ideas. Nonetheless, before you find that someone or something, the most important piece to that business idea is you, the one who gives it life in the first the place.

By doing the things you can do investing in your own business idea, you open the possibilities to all the avenues that support its forward progress.

Go for it, invest in that business idea and embrace possibilities!


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