5 Reasons Why You Shortchange Yourself

Guy behind grafitti wall

Question ...

Have you ever taken the sure route?

Stuck to what was “realistic?”

Passed up an opportunity for the sake of a valid scapegoat, like “I can’t do that! My Mom, Dad, friends, spouse, kids, job, bank account, etc., you fill in the blank won’t let me do that!”

Basically, have you ever shortchanged yourself?

It is not uncommon to short change yourself. Sometimes you short change yourself without even knowing you are. It is as easy as choosing what feels safe where you could be limiting your possibilities.

Shortchanging yourself boils down to choosing to be comfortable over facing the uncomfortable. What lies in the realm of the uncomfortable, are the illusions of obstacles you must cross. And it is these feelings that we feel of having to face those imaginary obstacles that cause us to pass upon possibilities.