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5 Reasons Why You Shortchange Yourself

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Question ...

Have you ever taken the sure route?

Stuck to what was “realistic?”

Passed up an opportunity for the sake of a valid scapegoat, like “I can’t do that! My Mom, Dad, friends, spouse, kids, job, bank account, etc., you fill in the blank won’t let me do that!”

Basically, have you ever shortchanged yourself?

It is not uncommon to short change yourself. Sometimes you short change yourself without even knowing you are. It is as easy as choosing what feels safe where you could be limiting your possibilities.

Shortchanging yourself boils down to choosing to be comfortable over facing the uncomfortable. What lies in the realm of the uncomfortable, are the illusions of obstacles you must cross. And it is these feelings that we feel of having to face those imaginary obstacles that cause us to pass upon possibilities.

The 5 Reasons You Shortchange Yourself


Doubt is the mental hesitancy in believing what you really want, desire and are sparked by.

When we allow doubt to come into our thought pattern, it clouds our judgement creating foggy perspectives on the things we really want to go after.

Fear of Failure

Most of us don’t move because we afraid to fail.

News flash: perfection is not required for you to be and live the successful life you envision. Failure is part of the transformational process to grow you. It separates the dedicated achievers from the temporary kinda wanna doers.

You must choose who you are.

By changing your outlook on failure, allows you to embrace all the possibilities you see for yourself knowing that temporary defeat is only a tool to guide you to success.

Feelings of Inadequacy

There are a lot of people who feel more inferior than capable. Things feelings of not being good enough, smart enough or beautiful enough to go after the things most desired, leaves many handicapped to act in their best interest.

This is where scapegoats come in and say, “Oh I wasn’t smart enough for that job anyways. Most people have a college degree of which I don’t have, so oh well. Let me find something comparable to my level of intelligence.”


Uncertainty is a part of life and it is part of the risk in any decision. And since you don’t know 100% the outcomes of any situation why not choose your dreams and go after them which is something you are certain in?

When you allow uncertainties to become so detrimental that it hinders you to move in the direction you want to go, it has become a lethal toxic potion for you to begin to settle and ultimately, short change yourself.

Know that uncertainty is the friend of, “What if,” which is also the friend of doubt.


By definition guilt is, “Feeling responsible or regretful for a perceived offense, real or imaginary. Can be part of the grief reaction.”

When you feel responsible for the imperfections of life, it creates walls that you deserve everything short of your perceived best.

“Well I divorced my first wife.” Is the guilt you carry from a past choice as why you don’t deserve a to be in a good marriage today. As a result, you short change yourself in choosing less worthy suitors.

Guilt serves you no good. Guilt is a scapegoat.

Face everything and rise and to truly forgive yourself and heal whether it be a real experience or one imaginary.

And if it is imaginary guilt you are dealing with, know that it comes out of an undue expectation on yourself that you have to let go because it allows you to settle out of false duty versus choosing out of honest desire.

It’s never too late to bank on you!

Whether it be doubt, fear of failure, feelings of inadequacy, uncertainty, guilt or any other negative emotion, you don’t have to let these limiting beliefs limit what you want and are capable of doing.

You are meant to live the best life possible. And what is possible is what you are willing and open to embrace. Don’t let the light, the desire and the spark of creativity die because you chose to shortchange yourself.

Make the step today to put all bets on yourself and embrace possibilities!


Have you ever shortchanged yourself?

How did you overcome this form of self-sabotage?

Leave your comments in the section below!


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