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4 Ways to Develop Your Personality

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

We all are different and different by necessity and default. That is the beauty of biodiversity.

And so in life, we come across different types people who are unique in how they behave, how they react and how they reason.

The culmination of these characteristics make up the diverse personalities we see in the world.

Personality is a sum combination of mannerisms and attributes that makes every person distinct and unique from the each other.

Personality is formed as a result of two factors:


There are personality traits that we inherit from parents and relatives.

No wonder you find some of your traits, your likes and dislikes similar to those of your parents or relatives.


There are some personality traits that we pick up along the way as we grow and live our lives by our environment: the places we live, the home we live in and the people we share those spaces with.

As we grow and live, we pick up habits, values and beliefs that are dependent on where we grow and who we grow with, live or interact with.

Personality Can Be Tricky

According to science, the traits we pick up in childhood stick the most more than the ones we get as we grow up.

However, it is possible to design and develop your own personality.

It is not a sealed fate set for for you to act out according to heredity and environment. You can mold personality and your life determining how it is all going to work out for you.

In other words, you can redesign your personality and your life even the hereditary traits to be what you would like them to be instead of letting them be what they were set to be.

Here are Four Ways to Help Develop a Successful Personality:


If you want to have a successful personality, you need to identify and understand your personality type.

There are four main personalities or temperaments you can use to classify yourself.

These include:

These four temperaments are very different, and there is no one person who has 100% of one trait. There are many personality tests you can take for you to exactly know where you lie. Take personality test now.

Be Honest

Without being honest with yourself on your personality, then personality development will be impossible.

If you need to have someone help you be objective to help you understand how you interact with yourself and others, seek out an accountability partner who can objectively share with you blindsides about your personality you are unable to see nor accept.

Understand Your Strengths

After being honest with yourself, look at the strengths of your personality type. Do your best to build on the strengths.

For instance, if you are talkative and confident, use this to your advantage and let this trait boost your career and ambitions. If you are very patient, use this to your advantage and to the advantage of those that surround you.

Understand Your Weaknesses

Also, identify your weaknesses in a very honest and open way. Work on your weaknesses by making deliberate efforts.

For instance, your forgetfulness can be improved by ensuring that you have phone reminders and lists on your notice board.


We all are made unique for a reason. There is no mishap in why you are who you are. It is important that you understand who you are and how you can use your personality to your benefit not detriment.

When you take the time to understand you, you are placing yourself in a space to be effective in all facets. Areas of your personality that you struggle in are opportunities to develop a new better version of yourself and when you are creative in doing so, you embrace possibilities!

Show up in life being the best version of yourself, the world is looking for you!

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