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4 Ways of Getting Back to the Basics

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No one who achieved great things achieved them instantaneously. No one who achieved great things ever said the journey was a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon. Your journey to the pinnacles in life come with highs, lows, peaks, and valleys. There will be moments of great accomplishment while others will feel like great disappointments.

With this being said, it is easy to have the enthusiasm when things are going your way; however how do you maintain that same enthusiasm when you've experienced failure, made a mistake or incurred a loss?

The answer is getting back to the basics.

Getting back to the basics should not be confused with starting over. Getting back to the basics is merely re-applying those timeless truths with more experience, more humility and more focus that you didn't have before into your journey. It is taking what you gained from a not so good experience reinvesting it in your wheel of vision such that the energy (enthusiasm) created moves your wheel forward.


1. Re-Energize Your Practices.

Take time to read the book that first inspired you. Listen to the guided meditation affirming your vision and purpose. Take your exercise routine to nature. Do those things that re-calibrate enthusiasm in your space and mind.

2. Let Go and Embrace.

Sometimes, one of the hardest things to do is to release what may be tough to let go of for something greater. Surrendering our pain, our expectations, what used to be (versus what is) and our mishaps is part of the creative process to manifest the character and path to possibility. In letting go, you embrace a wealth of wisdom, insight, unwavering faith and strength unknown to you before.

3. Reflect and Assess

All experiences whether we perceive them as good or bad are opportunities to learn the following:

  • How did that experience make me feel?

  • What did I learn about my own personal awareness?

  • What weaknesses did I learn about myself?

  • What strengths were uncovered and which strengths were re-affirmed?

  • What knowledge and insight can I carry into the next experience?

4. Gratitude Still!

Maintaining and refreshing your perspective from a lens of gratitude only garners a space of positive energy for more things to be grateful to enter in.

Things can occur to shift us forward whether it be from failure, a mistake, losses or a perceived setback if we so choose wisely.

Get Back at It!

There is nothing that can't forge you forward, I mean nothing. Getting back to the basics can help you do so. You must remain consistent on the course.

When things don't go as intended, the enthusiasm and zeal can appear emptied out; however, that is far from the case because when all else fails and you don't know what to do, get back to the basics.


How do you get back to the basics? Let us know!


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