4 Ways of Getting Back to the Basics

All White Room with Cabinet Table, Chair and Green Plant in a white Pot
Photo by Liana Mikah

No one who achieved great things achieved them instantaneously. No one who achieved great things ever said the journey was a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon. Your journey to the pinnacles in life come with highs, lows, peaks, and valleys. There will be moments of great accomplishment while others will feel like great disappointments.

With this being said, it is easy to have the enthusiasm when things are going your way; however how do you maintain that same enthusiasm when you've experienced failure, made a mistake or incurred a loss?

The answer is getting back to the basics.

Getting back to the basics should not be confused with starting over. Getting back to the basics is merely re-applying those timeless truths with more experience, more humility and more focus that you didn't have before into your journey. It is taking what you gained from a not so good experience reinvesting it in your wheel of vision such that the energy (enthusiasm) created moves your wheel forward.