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3 Ways to Visualize and Materialize Possibilities

Did you know?

Visualization helps you activate results and materialize what you envision.

“One study, conducted by Guang Yue, an exercise physiologist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, asked volunteers to imagine flexing their biceps as hard as possible. After a few weeks of simply visualizing weight training, the subjects showed a 13.5 percent increase in strength. A study out of the University of Chicago asked participants to visualize shooting free throws for a month. They improved their shooting by 23 percent. And a French study found that long jumpers who visualized their jumps and went through the actual motion of the jump performed better 45 percent of the time” (Washington Post).

Visualization is a mental technique that has been used for years.

Some of the most successful thinkers of our world used visualization to help solve problems that appear inconceivable to solve.

Want to learn how to improve your visualization abilities?

Here are three tips you can use immediately to improve your visualization skills:

Give Yourself Permission to Think on the Good Thoughts

A lot of times we don’t give ourselves permission to think well, yes think well! Good thoughts evoke feelings of enthusiasm, joy, bliss, peace and inner harmony. And whether it be doubt, fear, shame or guilt, we allow these negative emotions to come in clouding our good thoughts with all forms and facets of limitation. So give yourself the permission to think well and most of all, think on things that ignite a light of peace, love, harmony, joy and bliss.

Unleash Your Imagination

Albert Einstein said it best, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” If you want to materialize your dreams and goals, you must use your imagination to visualize your life as you would like to see it. See yourself in that big executive office in the skyscrapers of Los Angeles. See yourself signing the contract. See yourself looking over your bank accounts with the amount of money you want to see in them. Use your imagination to expand your vision too!

Embrace the Details

Don’t be afraid to allow your imagination take you to the finite details during your visualizations. Success is in the details and the details help you materialize organized executed plans. From what you are wearing when you seal the big business deal to how you are feeling when you cross the victory line in the race. Embrace the details and envision the possibilities.


Visualization is no secret to those who achieved high in life, to those whose lives inspire us everyday and to those who solved some of life’s hardest problems.

Allow yourself the ability to visualize what you desire and see for yourself.

With these three practical tips, not only can you visualize successfully; but in doing so, you will materialize and embrace possibilities.


Want to set your intentions to improve your visualization skills?

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