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3 Ways to Give Yourself Permission

Asking for permission is a common practice we have in our interactions with other people.

From child to parent.

From employee to boss.

From friend to friend.

From neighbor to neighbor.

From stranger to stranger.

Asking for permission is a common practice of respect and understanding boundaries.

From, ”May I cut through,” hand signals on the road to a child asking to spend the night with a friend, we ask for permission all the time; but, what about yourself?

Are you giving yourself permission in the simplest form of your being?

Here are three important things you need to give yourself permission in:

Give Yourself Permission to Feel

So many times we do not give ourselves the space to acknowledge nor honor how we are feeling.

The idea that being strong is void without feelings is a cultural fallacy to say the least.

Giving yourself permission to experience emotions, is not about your feelings being right or wrong; yet, at the moment you don't dismiss nor suppress them only to come out in unhealthy outlets.

You open yourself up so you can work through them in a way that builds you up in understanding of yourself and marvelous world around you.

Give Yourself Permission to Deal

Dealing means I stand up to whatever I am experiencing and have experienced that makes me sense, perceive or feel as if it is a block toward me being my best self and/or my forward progress.

If dealing means pause, then pause.

If dealing means seeking professional counsel, seek it.

If dealing means letting go of a poor lifestyle or poor relationship, let go.

You deserve the right to process your life and the experiences in a way that supports a healthy whole you.

Give yourself the permission to deal.

Give Yourself Permission to Heal

Life can have some blind spots, some growing pains and some hurts.

Some of these things have after-effects of which can take time to heal and give yourself permission to heal.

Healing means total transformation to what was to what is without holding any form of anger, bitterness, revenge or get even with life mentality; instead, you’ve made peace with the pieces in your story understanding every thread is quilted with purpose. That doesn't mean you have to or you’re even supposed to go back to engaging what you are healed from.

Healing says despite the pain, hardship or struggle, you are better (not bitter) from remaining open to possibilities knowing nothing is every lost only gained.


It is important that just as you ask for permission in many facets of your life, that you give yourself permission.

Give yourself the permission to be present with how you are feeling.

Give yourself permission the time to process and deal with life experiences past or present.

Give yourself permission to heal, and most of all the time to heal fully.

The idea that you have to suck it up and roll with the punches is misleading.

Be open to giving yourself the space to be human, give yourself the space to embrace possibilities!


What ways are you willing to give yourself permission?

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