3 Simple Rules to Overcome Anxiety

What is anxiety?

In very simple terms, anxiety is excessive worry.

Worry is a universal human trait; it is present in everyone.

However, in people who suffer from anxiety, the worry can go to great lengths. In extreme situations, it can cause social anxiety disorder, which can manifest itself in various physical ways.

At such times, methods such as hypnosis, seeking medical support and/or cognitive behavioral therapy need to be used for the treatment.

However, in most cases, methods of self-help for anxiety can be used and the problem can be snuffed out before it assumes monstrous proportions.

Here are the three simple rules to help with anxiety:

Stop Building Extreme Case Scenarios

Most people who worry out of proportion to what the situation warrants actually worry about extreme case situations. They may take a small matter and blow it out of proportion. If they see a single mosquito, they will think that they will suffer from malaria. This is just an example of how their thinking works.