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3 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Time

We live in a time, where things are moving literally at the speed of light.

We have more information and visibility of others at hand the palm of our hands than all other generations before us combined.

And so, what happens is we cultivate a right now now, before yesterday and today is already too late kind of world leaving us rushing through life rather than living it.

And what happens is we rush through the processes, experiences and life decisions that we really to need to take our time in.

We rush through college to get the job.

We rush through our courting to get the marriage.

We rush buying the house to get the sense of security and success.

We rush having the children to get the family and a sense of love.

Yet when we rush through things, are really on the path of possibilities?

We may get the things we are going after, but are we really happy or rather, are we living life to the fullest on purpose with passion?

When we rush, we miss out on some important things.

Here are the three reasons you should take your time:

To Grasp the Lessons

When you are rushing, you are missing out on the important lessons only time and patience can reveal.

These lessons include clarity of what it is you are going after, character building and mental fortitude.

Without the lessons, you rush and lose more than gain almost like grasping sand only for it to sift out of your hands as soon as you grab hold of it.

To Let Go

Taking your time affords the space to let go of things that no longer suit you to where you are going.

Moving swiftly does not allow you the time to assess what is and what isn’t best for you and so, you can find yourself rushing through life carrying a lot of baggage.

Baggage is heavy and eventually slows you down and stopping you in your tracks until you completely unload it.

But who wants to do that 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years or even 50+ years later in life?

Why not start now, be still and work through letting go what no longer suits your best life and future?

To Enjoy the Process

Life is beautiful and life is to be lived!

So why not enjoy every moment along the way?

Don’t let life years later be a regret because you failed to be present.

Despite what you are going through right now, there is something to be grateful for, something to relish, something to embrace and get excited about, so enjoy the processes of life!


“Nature never rushes, yet everything gets done.” -Donald Hicks

If nature never rushes and we see the awe and beauty of its workmanship, why should we?

Study from nature’s rhythms, learn how to take your time never rushing what is already for you and let’s embrace the possibilities of taking our time.

Want to slow down and get clear about where you are headed?

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