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3 Gifts Money Can’t Buy

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

When we think of gifts especially in the area of gift-giving, we naturally think of things that cost us our money and our time.

When we don’t have money or our resources are limited, we sometimes feel that we have nothing to give, but that is far from the case.

There are some things in life money simply cannot buy.

And it is these things we can give freely.

Here are some things you can give to someone that money can’t buy:


We all want to be understood or at least feel as if we are not alone on an island of life by ourselves.

Offering a sense of empathy even if you aren’t feeling what someone is feeling says you care, gives others a sense of value and consolation that their presence matters.

Extending empathy can be the catalyst to helping someone go one step further beyond where they are into possibilities.


As they saying goes, ”When you are grateful, life finds a way to give you more things to be grateful for.”

When you offer up your gratitude towards someone, you are offering up more things about this person you can find gratitude in.

When someone receives gratitude, they feel a sense of worthiness that there is something great about them encouraging them to be great, feel great and do the best they can.

Right Thinking

Because everything starts with thought, it is so vital to have and practice right thinking.

Offering up right-thinking seems minuscule, but it can make a world of difference in many situations.

When you lend right-thinking, you consequently are lending the right word and right action.

In times of conflict, turmoil or despair, right-thinking can be life-changing.

Sometimes, people need someone who is courageous and honest enough to not think in terms of reaction, but in proper response through correct thinking.

For example, a friend may be upset about their boss and they feel slighted by them. Right thinking says don’t get on the gossip train; instead, be a compassionate listening ear and offer a perspective to your friend that honors your friends awareness and ways to respond to the matters that reflects balance, honor and integrity.


Giving the gift of compassion, gratitude and right thinking seems a bit odd in way of gifts.

However, these are intrinsic gifts that build people up, inspire people to not give up and lend a hand in the possibilities of life.

These are the gifts all of us need each and everyday.

These are the gifts that give life a sense of meaning and fulfilling purpose.

If we give these gifts to those around us each and everyday we are giving things money can’t buy and ultimately can never be bought.

So the next time you feel you have nothing to give, remember the best thing you can give is you and when you do, you embrace possibilities!


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