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20 Questions to Ask Yourself: Do You Have Intentional Confidence? Confidence with Purpose

Would you like to be confident?

Your answer may be - yes, I do want to be confident!

However, this answer lacks the impact.

It is too generalized and we know generalization don’t give the definite path intended for you.

Just like everybody wants to do well in life, be happy and have enough money to live off, but not many ever realize these generalization.

This is because to actually get somewhere in life, you need to have intention.

This also includes your confidence.

You need intentional confidence: confidence with purpose.

You need to define the task for which you need to be confident so that you can execute it successfully.  

Like a dream must have a deadline, a mere wish to be confident must have a purpose.

Confidence is Different for Everyone

Self Confidence might mean different things to different people groups.

For a child it might mean to be able to recite the poem to her teacher the next morning.

For a business executive it might mean to be able to present the business report to the Board of Directors.

For an employed person it may be the ability to be able to make a switch over from his secure job to a new independent venture and so on.

To execute their respective tasks, these people need a certain level of confidence, which would see them through.

Every task requires a minimum level of confidence to be able to be executed.

Do you have a task in your mind to be done?

Do you have the level of Intentional confidence required?

Here are a list of a myriad of questions to sit down and answer honestly giving you clarity on what confidence means to you as well as clarify the intentional confidence you need to embrace possibilities:

1. Does it happen too often with you that you cannot take a decision all by yourself and you seem to look for your colleagues, friends, or your spouse to sort the matter for you?

2. Do you always seem to be in perpetual need of a support system wherein you can feel secure?

3. Do you just sit and listen all the times in your office meetings?

4. Do you feel difficulty in reporting a matter to your boss or you have an excellent idea that can improve your company’s efficiency but you cannot muster enough courage to go and talk about it to your Boss?

5. Are you terrified to meet someone new? Is public speaking your worst nightmare?

6. Do you timidly accept orders from your superior even though you know that you are already overloaded and you need to say no?

7. Are you excessively concerned about what other people think of you?  

8. Do you fear taking risks?

9. Do you feel dissatisfied about your appearance?

10. Are you uncomfortable in social gatherings – being amongst lots of people?

11. What have you accomplished in the past and what did your character exude to make it happen?

12. Are you the one to go ahead and break the ice at a new place or wait for someone else to initiate a discussion?

13. Do you feel you are well respected by others?

14. Do you think you have the potential to succeed?

15. Are you a happy and loving person?

16. Are you satisfied with your career graph?

17. Are you satisfied with your skills and qualifications?

18. Do you feel in control of your life?

19. Do you imagine yourself to be more successful five years from now?

20. Do you feel that you are a worthwhile person?

Intentional Confidence: a Work in Process

We all need to constantly maintain the running answer-book to these questions and points and work continually towards converting blind spots points into areas for opportunities and growth.

And the good news is that it is very much possible. It’s important that you honestly answer the questions above, since only when you realize the present status of your self-confidence you would be working towards building the intentional confidence needed to achieve your greatest desires.

Like a goal is a dream with a dream, intentional confidence is confidence with a purpose in mind channeled to execute an end goal.

Just don’t be confidence for the sake thereof, have confidence with intention.

And when you do, you embrace possibilities!


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